The Original Church – Pursuing The Masterpiece


The Original Church – Pursuing the Masterpiece

Greetings in the Name of Jesus.  My name is Deborah Hooper and God has given me a vision.  My vision is the Church exactly the way Jesus built it 2000 years ago.

Many students of famous painters would, in the course of their artistic education, print copies of their master’s most famous works.  While some these students went on to become masters themselves, a copy is never worth as much as the original work of the original artist.

The church that Jesus built was a masterpiece.  The man could never improve on it.  Surprisingly, many students of the Master have tried to improve on the original through the centuries.  Not long after the last apostle died, the changes of the amateurs began to creep in.  Less than 300 years later, almost nothing remained of the Master’s work.  The original was lost, except to a few hardy souls who often gave their lives for their loyalty to the masterpiece.

Don’t despair.  God is working to restore the original.  One by one, the precepts of the Original, Apostolic Church are being restored.  On the other hand, don’t be smug.  There is still more to restore.  We might be surprised to discover how much of what happens on Sunday has nothing to do with the church Jesus built.

Let me share with you my vision.  In this medium, walk with me through the Book of Acts, where the masterpiece was painted and let’s take a look at a work of art so perfect, no one has ever been able to duplicate it – the Church of Jesus Christ.


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