The Major Prophetic Signs of the End Times

The Major Prophetic Signs of the End Times

The Major Prophetic Signs
Prophetic Signs of the End Times and the Return of Jesus Christ, compiled from prophetic scripture in the Bible.


1. False Christs
Scripture: Matthew 24:4-5

2. Wars and Rumors of War
Scripture: Matthew 24: 6 & Revelation 6:3-4
Examples: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, weapons news.

3. Earthquakes
Scripture: Matthew 24:7 & Mark 13:8 & Luke 21:6 & Revelation 6:12-14

4. Famine
Scripture: Matthew 24:7 & Revelation 6:5-8

5. Believers Persecuted
Scripture: Matthew 24:8-9 & Revelation 6:9-11
Examples: church in China, Nigeria, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia

6. False Prophets
Scripture: Matthew 24:11

7. Wickedness Increases & Love Grows Cold
Scripture: Matthew 24:12

8. Gospel Preached to All Nations
Scripture: Matthew 24:14
Examples: global ministry news, evangelism news

9. Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars
Signs & Wonders in the Heavens
Scripture: Luke 21:25 Luke 21:11; Joel 2:30
Examples: solar and lunar eclipses, transient lunar luminosity, solar flares and storms (CMEs), meteor showers, UFO sightings

10. Nations in Distress
Scripture: Luke 21:25
Examples: civil unrest, riots, rebellions, coups

11. Pestilence
Scripture: Luke 21:11
Examples: infectious diseases like AIDS, flu, bird flu, ebola, hanta virus

12. Roaring Waves & Tides
Scripture: Luke 21:25
Examples: tsunami news, coastal flooding, toxic tides

13. Fearsome Events
Scripture: Luke 21:11
Examples: natural disasters, extreme weather

14. Fear/Apprehensive for the Future
Scripture: Luke 21:26
Examples: climate change, global warming, WMD fears


Covenant with Many (Mideast peace, Quartet summits, roadmap news)
Scripture: Ezekiel 38:7-13; Daniel 9:27

Increase in Travel & Increase in Knowledge
Daniel 12:4

Abomination in the Holy Place (Temple Mount news)
Scripture: Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15-16 & 2 Thessalonians 2:4

Interactive Global Community
Scripture: Rev 11:9-10
Examples: Internet & WWW, global news events, communications tech (e-mail, IM, mobile net)

The Ten Horns/Ten Kings
Scripture: Rev 17:12-14
Examples: Security Council expansion; G8 summitry, EU, trade blocs

Final World Empire/Global Government
Scripture: Rev 13:7; Rev 17
Examples: UN news, global governance, EU news

The Mark of the Beast
Scripture: Rev 13:16-18
Examples: identity verification technology; biometrics, radio-frequency identification (RFID), digital watermarks, mobile commerce

Jerusalem Surrounded
Scripture: Ezekiel 38:8; Zechariah 12; Zechariah 14; Luke 21:20; Revelation 19:19
Examples: the disposition of military forces in and around Jerusalem; military news regarding Syria, Egypt, Iran, Palestinians, Russia, NE Africa, Pakistan, China.


Russia/King of the North/Meshech
Scripture: Ezekiel 38:2-9 & Daniel 11:40

China/India/Pakistan – Kings of the East
Scripture: Rev 16:12

Egypt/King of the South
Scripture: Daniel 11:40-43

Scripture: Jeremiah 51:29&37

Doomed Damascus (Syria news)
Scripture: Isaiah 17:1

Scripture: Daniel 11:43

Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia (Cush)
Scripture: Ezekiel 38:5

Egypt/Sudan (Nubia)
Scripture: Daniel 11:43

Iran (Persia)
Scripture: Ezekiel 38:5

Jordan – Aman (Amman)
Scripture: Daniel 11:41

Turkey – Gomer & Togarmah
Scripture: Ezekiel 38:6
Prophetic Signs of the End Times and the Return of Jesus Christ, compiled from prophetic scripture in the Bible.

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