God’s Greatest Miracle

Have We Forgotten Intimacy?

God’s Greatest Miracle

This is actually an Article I wrote on September 11, 2006. In short… I tried to encourage those of us who have become impatient and troubled and tired in our walks with God and Need a healing and need the greatest miracle God ever gave. Psalm 107:20 He sent his word and healed them (KJV) So I’m deep in prayer the other day, and I am praying for miracles to take place in our town. I want to see the blind eyes opened and I want to see the dumb tongues loosed and the deaf ears opened. I want to see all these miracles and I’m deep in prayer about this, I know this should be happening and I’m praying so hard for it to happen, but in the mist of a powerful prayer meeting with just me and God he spoke to me this saying, “The Greatest Miracle I am going to do in your church is not the lame to walk or the deaf to hear, but it will be the lost souls delivered from the path of destruction.” Sometimes I feel we get so caught up in not seeing the healings that we want to see, that we don’t see the greatest miracle God has ever performed, the healing of our souls. Where would we be if God had not had mercy on us and seen fit to make a way of escape from hell for us? I have prayed so many times, “God, I desire the gift of healing”. Then one day, my pastor preached that he prayed the same thing, and God said to him “Heal them with my word.” That touched me to hear that, because that opened my eyes to see that all of us, have seen the greatest miracle, the greatest healing God has ever done, he has taken our broken, shattered, ravaged lives, and he has put those broken pieces back together and created something completely different. He formed us into a vessel, something he can pour a mixture of his own creation into, he will pour into our love, so that we will know how to love our friends and family. He will then add to us joy, so that through everything we may face we will be happy and see the light at the end of the tunnel per say. After that, he pours in some peace, nothing like being able to take things that have bothered you for a long time and having peace about it and no more worries. He doesn’t forget to add patience either, it doesn’t matter how rough the trial or temptation, he’s given us a way to stick it out. After these, he goes ahead and adds some kindness and goodness. The bible says a soft answer turneth away wrath, well when you are a kind and good person, your answers will always be soft and you’ll have less strife and fighting with your friends and family. After this, he the addition of faithfulness, the bible says if you are faithful over few things, he will make you rulers over many. It is not to lift you up, but if you are faithful, he can use you in the capacity of the soul winner that you can be. And coming to a close he adds to his recipe gentleness and self-control. Self-control especially is something this generation lacks. We are not here to please anyone but God, and when you dress or act to please the friends at school and work, that is a lack of self-control. When we gain self-control we begin to dress the way that God would want us to dress no matter who you are around. So you see, God did this for us. The bible says in “Psalm 107:20 (KJV) He sent his word and healed them.” This is what God has done for us, and this is what we can show this lost world. When you begin to see souls saved, and lives changed, the addicted set free. Then you will be a witness to the greatest miracle God ever performed, the Healing of our souls. I encourage each and every one of you that read this. Begin to give Bible studies, and inviting new people to church. It is always good to see someone healed by the Word of God.

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