The Empty Nest


The Empty Nest

My girls are all grown up and leaving home.  Melissa (my middle daughter) left for 8 months last year – 4 months in Belize at the Cayo Deaf Institute and in Belize City with our UPC Missionaries Bro. and Sis. Sawyer and Amy.  Then 4 months she was around the clock caregiver to my 93-year-old grandmother in Indiana.  Melissa came home in November to help with wedding plans for my oldest daughter who got married in Feb of this year (2008).  My youngest daughter, Melanie, graduated in June of this year and we just got back this week from taking her to her new life in Pueblo Colorado.  She will be going to a church that my cousin (Rev. Paul Elder) pastors.  Right now Melissa is staying for three weeks with Marisa in Hutchinson KS… so my home is empty.  The walls are quiet, but everywhere I look I see things that remind me of my three beautiful daughters.   I was going to work on scrapbooking, but seeing all of their pictures makes me feel even bluer today.  I was going to go sew, but they have items that they have made all over the house and I just don’t like seeing all that much when they aren’t here to help me and inspire me.  I haven’t cooked for two days, no one to fix a meal for and I just eat pudding or ice cream because my teeth are hurting me.
The only happy to my sad story is that I know that we are all living for Jesus and actually that is the whole reason why we live anyway.  That gives me a boost to know that I can make it through this valley.  I do feel in my spirit that if Jesus walked into the room where I could see Him, that He would tell me that my job in raising my children to live for Him was well done.  And that is what I want to hear Him say more than anything is “Well Done!”



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