My Dog Has Fleas


My Dog Has Fleas

I stumbled out of bed Saturday morning and blearily headed for the bathroom. I had left the bathroom door cracked since I was the only one home. My dogs love to come in and greet me in the mornings. They are the only ones in this part of the country that don’t seem to notice that I am not my best in the morning.

Sandy, my little red dachshund came dashing in, wagging from head to toe and placed her little furry paws on my knee. She then starting smiling at me as if to say, “Hey, hey, it’s morning!! Hurry up and get me some good food!”

As usual, I picked her up to cuddle her for a minute. What I saw when I started to scratch her pink little tummy was totally shocking!


My cute little fuzzy wuzzy dogie was COVERED IN FLEAS!!!

How could this have happened???

I mean, I know that fleas happen, but this was like a mother load of fleas!

I put Sandy back on the floor and grabbed up Pearl, my little black and tan dachshund


I freaked!

I know they had no idea what was going on. I locked us all in the bathroom just to make sure no one escaped what was to happen next.

For the next hour and a half, I scrubbed and picked and combed and fretted and sprayed.

They were shell-shocked for the rest of the afternoon.

I spent so much time trying to figure out what went wrong, how could this have happened? It had never been this bad before.

Then I remembered…..THE KITTEN RESCUE!!

Our next door neighbor called a few weeks back asking us if we would take an abandoned kitten. It was so cute and tiny, much too small to be away from its Mama. So we took it.

After about a day we made a horrific discovery.

That teeny tiny kitten that barely covered the palm of my hand had at least One Million Fleas!!!

We washed it, and scrubbed it and picked at the infestation. Unfortunately, because of the age of the kitten, we could not use any flea spray or flea shampoo.

We finally passed the kitten on. But I guess the kitten left its mark in more ways than one.

How was I to know that such a sweet, cute little ball of fur could have such a disastrous effect on my sweet little doggies? Weeks later, the true results of allowing the kitten into our home came to light.

Now, I may have to bomb the entire house!!! All because I felt sorry for that kitten and allowed it into our lives.

I remember another time that I allowed something into our lives that left a mark. My daughter had a friend that she felt sorry for. I felt like the girl was trouble, and I warned her of such, but she wore down my defenses until I allowed her to let this girl into her life against my better judgment.

The next thing I knew this girl had introduced my daughter to music and ideas that were against everything that I had upheld for our family. By the time I stepped in and said “No Way are you getting her” to the devil, it was too late. My sweet precious baby girl had been infested with lyrics that could never be erased from her mind, except by the grace of God.

And although she now looks back and says “what was I thinking??” it is I who feels the pain.

Just like I did with a cute little kitten, I let the world move in. And you can never have contact with the things of the world without them leaving their mark (good and bad).

So, I’ve got my doggies under surveillance looking for further invasions. And I’ve got the devil under surveillance too. I’m not letting my guard down again!!

I’m serving notice on the other flea-infested orphans of the neighborhood, you’re going to have to find somewhere else to stay. I don’t care how cute and fuzzy you are. I’ll just have to close my eyes when someone brings you around, and recommend the nearest shelter.

Lord, help me……sigh…..

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