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Inside Out

By Holly Settles / a few days ago

Inside Out Have you ever seen an absolutely beautiful home, with well-manicured landscaping, the paint looking fresh, the windows shining, even the car in the driveway sparkles? And then, you walk up to the door, knock or ring the bell, and you walk into a mess? Shambles would be more like it…filthiness clutters the once […]


God’s Greatest Miracle

By James Mitchell / 3 weeks ago

God’s Greatest Miracle This is actually an Article I wrote on September 11, 2006. In short… I tried to encourage those of us who have become impatient and troubled and tired in our walks with God and Need a healing and need the greatest miracle God ever gave. Psalm 107:20 He sent his word and […]


It’s All In How We View The Storm

By Don Doran / 4 weeks ago

We might all see the same thing but when we tell what we have seen there will be very few times that two stories are the same. We each view an incident from a different perspective. So is it with the storms of life! We each have a different perspective on each storm. It is […]


When Do I Get Mine?

By Susan Niswonger / last month

When Do I Get Mine? “I am so tired”, I cried during my morning devotions.  “I can’t take another whiner”, I whined.  “Where’s mine?”  “When do I ever get some?”  My kids won’t listen to me, the neighbor didn’t wave, our congregation is getting smaller and even the dog is sick. It sounds so childish […]


Are You The One?

By George Nava / last month

Are you the one?   Or do I look for another? Luke 7:19  And John calling unto him two of his disciples sent them to Jesus, saying, Art thou he that should come? or look we for another? 20  When the men were come unto him, they said, John Baptist hath sent us unto thee, saying, […]


Pearls For Him

By Kaylynn Schrack / a couple of months ago

Pearls for Him I know you have heard the story about how a pearl is created by one tiny sand particle rubbing the inside of the oyster to create this beautiful thing, but I have a new spin on it. Our lives are like the oyster shell, when we have friction rubbing in us we […]


The Greatest People In The World

By Susan Niswonger / a couple of months ago

Have you ever wondered how “the other half” lives, wished your home, car or other possession was like a friend’s or desired any life but your own?  We have all allowed our minds to explore the world of, “What if?”  I have discovered in the last few months that the best life is the one […]


It’s A Dirty Job

By Sheri Boulet / a couple of months ago

It’s A Dirty Job There you sit, in front of your computer, a real flesh and blood person. You have a heart, you have a soul. More than likely your life means something to someone else, and hopefully, you are not alone in the world. But, if you can imagine just for a minute. Look […]


Standing Firm in our Faith

By Phyllis Corbin / a couple of months ago

Standing Firm in our Faith 1 Corinthians 16:13 (KJV) Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. When the flu bug gets us, or other trials and afflictions such as temptations, or stresses in our home etc. we feel like just staying in bed and not doing anything. Our strength is […]

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