A Wing And A Prayer; Then Came A Savior


A Wing And A Prayer; Then Came A Savior

This week we witnessed a “Miracle on the Hudson.”  Soon after takeoff, a flock of geese flew into the engines of a jet.  Both engines were taken out and the pilot had to make an emergency landing.  As the facts began to come in, we learned that it was the perfect plane, the perfect pilot and the perfect place for a “miracle” to occur.  This plane had been designed with special switches to close the valves in case of a water landing, thus preventing the plane from immediately filling up with water.  The pilot was a veteran pilot; a glider pilot with military experience who trained other pilots to handle emergency situations.  The incident occurred at a time and in a place where the Hudson River could be used as a runway, helping the pilot avoid buildings and automobile traffic.  The miracle was that all these factors occurred at one time so that not one life was lost.  Once the plane was down, the drama continued.

Some of the passengers were able to get into inflatable rafts, many had on life jackets and others had grabbed their seat cushions to use as a flotation device.  We saw pictures of passengers standing on the wings of the plane waiting to be saved from the slowly sinking plane.  Although the pieces had fallen into place, all those aboard still needed a savior.  Ferry boats sped toward the disabled aircraft and began to take on passengers as quickly as possible.  Ferry commuters helped the victims into the warm cabin, wrapping them in blankets and suit coats as they rushed toward the docks for medical treatment.

The media reported the varied accounts of the ordeal from several of the passengers.  There were reports of an eerie quietness as seatbelts were tightened in anticipation of a crash landing.  Others told of momentary panic as passengers attempted to get off the plane only to discover that the back doors would not open.  One man said that water had filled the back of the plane up to the seats by the time he was rescued.  The report that touched me the most was the report of one woman who stated that she held hands with her seatmates, prayed quietly, then climbed out on the wing.  They were waiting for a savior on a wing and a prayer.

We live through the day, make preparation for tomorrow and plan for the future, in control of every detail.  Suddenly, Satan sends up a flock of geese and our engines begin to sputter.  The little power that we had is not enough to keep us flying at the needed altitude and we come in for a crash landing. The situation looks hopeless but then comes a Savior.  We may panic and see no way out but then comes a Savior.  Sometimes all we can do is pray and climb out on the wing but then comes a Savior.  I am so thankful that when I was limping along through life on a wing and a prayer, along came my Savior.  Jesus has never let me crash, never let me down and always been there to rescue me every time I slipped.  If you are out on the wing of life, reach out for the Savior, He’s been patiently waiting.


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