About the author

Tracie Fritcher Johnson

Tracie Fritcher Johnson, founder of Response to Grace Ministries, loves to study and teach the life-changing message found in God's Word. As a writer and speaker, she is passionate about equipping others to live up to their full potential in Christ. Tracie writes in a conversational style and has produced numerous small group resources and two in-depth Bible studies. Tracie's materials are at www.responsetograce.org


The Benefits of Religious Faith

By Tracie Fritcher Johnson / a few months ago

According to Webster’s New University Dictionary, faith can be defined as a belief not based on logical proof or material evidence. More specifically, religious faith can be described as belief or trust in God. The idea of a greater power is one that lacks physical evidence but is believed by many. People have always questioned what […]


Choosing Your Words Wisely

By Tracie Fritcher Johnson / last year

I went to a shower recently were a bridesmaid carefully recorded every word the bride uttered as she opened her gifts. After the bride finished, the bridesmaid read her comments aloud for all to hear. The guests sat and giggled in appreciation as they listened to her numerous statements of surprise and gratitude. She must […]


Sowing The Word – Not Merely Eating

By Tracie Fritcher Johnson / last year

What do you think of when you hear the term sowing seed?  Many times we immediately think of sharing the good news with those around us.  In Luke 8:11-15, Jesus used this illustration to teach His followers what sometimes occurs when people hear the Good News.  Often, a crop isn’t produced because variables such as […]


The Ministry of Barnabas

By Tracie Fritcher Johnson / a couple of years ago

I love to study the life examples provided in the Word of God. God had a specific purpose for the inclusion of everyone. Each has a story to tell and a lesson to convey. If you could be like anyone Bible character, who would you choose? What is it about that character’s story that resonates […]

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