So this is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause

The two sides of a coin

OK, sorry for not writing, but last week was a mess and I needed a break from all the politics.

My job, for the past 2 1/2 years, has been as a journalist. I was in charge of election coverage for both the newspaper I worked for and the radio network I worked for. Before that I was a popular conservative blogger who wrote a lot about politics and elections. Before that I was campaign intern with the West Virginia Republican Party and George W. Bush’s first presidential run.

I mention all of that not to brag about what I’ve done. To the contrary, I bring it up because I have never been so sick of politics as I am now. I have never been so glad to have an election cycle over, yet I’ve never been so worried about the future of this country.

If you’ve read my testimony, you realize that I’m not really a conservative anymore. I’m an in-the-middle Libertarian. I was also a strong Obama supporter. I was able to go cover one of his speeches for my newspaper. I generally gave Obama’s campaign good coverage; mostly because Hillary Clinton’s campaign never set up the grassroots organization that Obama did. I was on good terms with the McCain campaign, but by the time it was just Obama and McCain I was laid off and looking for a new job.

The 1 1/2 weeks between the time I repented and the time I moved back to St. Marys, I still lived in Parkersburg. Going out with my friends for one last karaoke night, they didn’t give me grief for submitting my life to Jesus and becoming a Christian again. They’re mostly atheists, but they were cool. There was only one thing that they insisted: they wanted to make sure I was still going to vote for Obama.

Even at that time, I was still going to. But Obama had been very slowly weirding me out. The first sign that gave me pause was when he gave that huge speech in Berlin. I just never did feel it right for a presidential candidate to be campaigning on foreign soil. And just because you take a tour in Europe does not mean you have foreign policy experience.

But since then I had begun to grow uncomfortable with Obama, and I didn’t vote for him.

I didn’t vote for McCain either. McCain’s plans were almost identical, except for minor details, to Obama’s plans. McCain was only trying to pander to the conservative base, but he would have been no different.

Once upon a time, we had a choice. Now we just get the same coin with two different sides. No matter what, it’s the same coin. Doesn’t that concern anyone? Doesn’t anyone wonder why the other political parties – yes, there more than two – are always prevented from having a larger voice in the national media, in presidential debates?

We’ve gotten so dumb and desensitized, that the powers that be now send us two candidates to vote for, two candidates who are the exact same. We don’t vote for ideas anymore, we vote on which one looks the best.

I voted. I vote every time I get on my knees to pray, I vote every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. There is only one I put my trust in.

We’re in bad place. In the near future, our country will not exist like it is now. Frankly I don’t envy anyone who gets to sit in the Oval Office; in this case Obama.

I’m just praying for him…and I’m also praying for Jesus to come a bit quicker.

Tonight is my first time singing in Church since 2004. Pray for me.

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