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Steven Adams

I�۪m a 26-year-old, Oneness Pentecostal, workaholic, old-fashioned, bass-playing, open-minded humanitarian. After leaving the church I was raised in in 2001, then leaving God completely in 2004, I came back to Jesus. I was randomly visiting home when God decided to try one last time to break through the wall I had built up around my heart. Despite running away from him for years, and even considering myself a borderline atheist, he broke through. That was Thursday, Sept. 18. On Sunday, Sept. 21 I repented of my sins and was refilled with the Holy Ghost.


So this is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause

By Steven Adams / 11 months ago

OK, sorry for not writing, but last week was a mess and I needed a break from all the politics. My job, for the past 2 1/2 years, has been as a journalist. I was in charge of election coverage for both the newspaper I worked for and the radio network I worked for. Before […]


Disconnected and loving it.

By Steven Adams / last year

I deleted my Myspace and Facebook accounts. I deleted my blog on Blogger. I deleted my Buzznet photo account. Last night I felt convicted to do so, and I think I disconnected myself from most of the sites I’ve used for years. I’ve been struggling lately, and I felt as long I was connected to […]


My Testimony

By Steven Adams / a couple of years ago

Before I started posting articles and blogs here, I wanted an opportunity to explain myself and give a brief testimony – or as brief as I can. First of all, I grew up Pentecostal, more or less. My grandparents were founding members of the Apostolic Faith Church – now North Pleasants Apostolic Tabernacle – in […]