Rising Above Circumstances


As many of you can imagine, this downward economy spiral, has in fact, left many of us worn out, worried, stressed, pressured and anxiety ridden in an ever changing economy.

I have been in fear of not being able to find a job, for the first time in my adult life and  I have entered the longest unemployment period of my career.

Bills keep coming that I cannot pay, my insurance expired,  and the day to day worries are hitting me at an all time high.

I recently heard  Pastor Palmer preach a sermon on “Mining Hidden Potential,” and how we as individuals need to look past the outside of individuals and dig down deep  to find the worth and talents of the people currently in our circle of life.  As individuals we need to remember to uplift, encourage and support one another during these hard times during the fiery trials.

God’s goodness can be found in any stressful situations, we just need to remain calm as God is still in control. We must give thanks in all situations, to be in continual prayer about our situations, asking for and receiving the wisdom of God who will direct our path through these trials.

Everyday we come in contact with people from all walks of life. Just imagine what hidden treasures may lie inside an angry person, the person with low self esteem, the hopeless person, the poverty stricken person, or the addicted person. We as the church must see past their exteriors and look into their minds and hearts and start mining to find the hidden treasure by establishing relationships. Their hidden talents are  lying dormant. Relationship opens the doorway to lead someone to salvation, helping them to develop a personal relationship with God by laying baby steps in the mining expedition of relationship. Prepare yourself to be open, hard work means you might get a little dirty, not spiritually, because in order to win that soul you might just have to get down in the mud with them to pull them out of the pit.

So keep in mind, even though many of us are laid off, unemployed or facing financial hardship please do not judge, as anyone could be in this position. The trial could possibly have nothing to do with that person’s hardship and more to do with how you react to help that person in their crisis. Consider it a blessing from God to use your resources and talents. Personally , I have slowed down spending more time with my family. I take better care of myself and quite frankly  I am not running to and fro. Best of all, I have spent real quality time with my daughter and grandchildren. I have watched my daughter blossom into a beautiful independent adult who is a wonderful mom. I have seen my grandchildren grow from small babes into walking talking, inquisitive children who desire to know everything about life and God. I was given precious time with them.  God has been in the midst  of all my stress and worries surrounding me with great mentors and support.  God had answered my prayers, as I had prayed for rest and peace and had mined out my own hidden talent which I now share with others.

Jesus in the parables of Matthew 13 found a hidden treasure, it is actually in each of us, he saw past our filth and sin looking inside seeing something of value which gave him great joy.  Jesus then gave up everything and bought each of us with a price, Hallelujah, as we are his hidden treasure.

Gods servants  need to be mindful in prayer and supplication for it is our duty  to pray and seek the Lord looking for guidance asking “Who Lord has hidden treasure that is waiting to be mined?  Please show me these individuals the way you see them, Lord.”

Now, take a moment to look around and ask yourself, “Who in my life can I mentor to help rise above their circumstances to find their hidden treasure for the Kingdom of God?”

Just a thought!



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