Nothing Stops Them Like a Browning

Nothing Stops Them Like a Browning

Recently my John Deere tractor would not start.  It had totally quit running.  There is nothing worse than seeing such a fine piece of farm equipment that bears such a fine name to sit there idle and not work.  Running, it had the possibility of “moving mountains” (although a little at a time), and it had the power to work the fields: sowing good seed to reap a good harvest.  But there it sat, motionless.

The John Deere 4400 is designed to run on diesel fuel.  When I sought counsel with someone with more knowledge on the subject, I found that ether should not be used to start the engine because it would become dependent on ether and would have to be used each time.  I quit doing this because I wanted the John Deere to start the way it was designed.

The “Browning” that stopped my John Deere was perhaps a mere air pocket or debris in the heart of the tractor: the fuel line. A separation or blockage.

Now there is nothing worse than seeing someone that bears a “Name above all names” (Acts 4:12) to sit idle and not work.  Running, the believer, with faith “as a grain of mustard seed” (Matthew 17:20) can move mountains.  The believer has the power to work the fields: sowing good seed to reap a good harvest.

The Holy Ghost is the fuel that fires up the believer each day.  It is the fuel in which we were designed to operate.  To start the day with any other fuel would cause dependency on another source.  And just as an “air pocket” can stop the natural heart, separation from His Spirit can stop the “new heart” (Ezekiel 36:26) He gave us.

The “Browning” that stops the believer is sin.  Sin will separate us from our God, for He will not dwell in an “unclean vessel.”  (II Timothy 2: 20-21).  We were designed to “move” and not sit “motionless.”  To serve God, we must serve others. Only then, we operate in the way we were designed.

This is a sound you hear when the John Deere is running.  There is a sound you hear when the Holy Ghost is operating.

In Jesus Name!

About the author

David Underwood

Born in Florence, Alabama and resident of North Carolina for the last twenty years. Licensed through UPCI. President of Windy Acres Ministries, INC Also, an Outreach DVDvsGoliath, bringing the Gospel through the medium of DVD to those that are bound: prisons, institutions, hospitals, and those bedridden at home. Published numerous publications in the Louisiana Challenger, a UPC publication, and Jesus Wept Ministries, INC.

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