Oh But For The Mercies Of God




Oh but for the MERCIES of God there go I :
CEV- Lam 3:22  The LORD’s kindness never fails!
If he had not been merciful, we would have been destroyed.
ERV- 3:22  We are still alive because the LORD’S faithful love never ends.

23    The LORD can always be trusted to show mercy each morning. 

24    Deep in my heart I say, “The LORD is all I need; I can depend on him!” 

25    The LORD is kind to everyone who trusts and obeys him.

26    It is good to wait patiently for the LORD to save us.

27    When we are young, it is good to struggle hard

28    and to sit silently alone, if this is what the LORD intends.

29    Being rubbed in the dirt can teach us a lesson;

30    we can also learn from insults and hard knocks.

31    The Lord won’t always reject us!

32    He causes a lot of suffering, but he also has pity because of his great love.

33    The Lord doesn’t enjoy sending grief or pain.
REFLECTIONS: Ever really thought about how good God is and has been to you. How despite all the hurt and troubles in this world that befalls others. Somehow for the most part God spares us, never mind that at times we might deserve some judgment and painful consequences? Due to our behavior, our attitude, our irreverence. Our disdain and lack of appreciation. While this world is going to HELL literally and falling apart, People are hurting everywhere?

People are sick in body, some deadly sick, others financially ruined? People mentally and emotionally broken and battered?  But as for me and for you? We are healthy for the most part, still have a roof over our heads, and a full belly and seldom know what it means to be hungry let alone staving? We are not running around naked for lack of clothes? We woke up this morning while some didn’t?  HELLO!
Drove a car to work or school? A car that many others don’t have, to a job many others don’t have? Come home to a home that many others don’t have? Hint Hint? You get the point yet?

The question is: Do I not only realize that the blessing and goodness of God is all over me and my life.  But do I appreciate it?
Hum.. When people or circumstances are hating and hurting on me, do I pray for justice or grace? Do I ask that they or circumstances be changed? Rather than allow them to change me?
Oh yes I realize for some of us times are indeed hard and difficult, But it could be far worse my friend. If not for the grace and goodness of God!  It’s all a matter of perspective. And the perspective you see is the perspective you get!
In his words: CHOOSE you this day blessing or cursing?


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