One Nation, Under God

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One nation, under God. Let me repeat this: one nation, under God. This statement— has been repeated in countless classrooms across the nation, it has been uttered in sports arena’s, and just about every American regardless of race, religion, or gender has said these words. But, in this time, our time, do we know—absolutely and truly know what these words mean?

It comes to a point in our society when the right is wrong, and wrong is right. It comes to a point in our time, when a nation which was once founded on the principles of the Bible, and a nation that once feared God—is—no longer. Instead of living by these truths, our nation had become a place of chaos. In our time, it is similar— if not identical to the days of Noah. Gays lesbians, abortion, no care or respect for godly morals, you name it. Just about everything that came to pass in the days of Noah is coming to pass in our day.

Many people know this, but not all heed the alarm that the church of God sounds continuously. Sadly, most just sit by idly, laughing and mocking our attempts to help them, and they mock our lifestyle,(just like in the days of Noah). But the truth is, they realize what we are saying is true, they just choose not to hear it.

We live and breath in troubled time, folks. We live in the end times, the times that were prophesied in Bible. We live in a day where hearts are numb, and ears are deaf. But, there is still hope for this lost and dying world. There is still yet hope for our declining nation. That hope is Jesus Christ.

Our hope should not lay just in politicians alone for their promises to bring “change”. No, our hope should be in Jesus, our Lord, and Savior. He is the only on that can bring “change” to our world and nation. Only Jesus Christ can take the gaping wounds in our nation and mend them together. Only our savior can save our nation. Only him, for no one else, can.

It has been said that a nation without God will fall. I agree with these words completely and wholly. It has been God who has allowed our great nation to prosper and flourish, Our founding fathers realized that; so should we; so should this nation. But the loss cannot be expected to find God on their own. NO, we— the church, are a shining beacon of light, and light to the world. We are the lighthouse sitting by the dark and stormy seashore. Our light, the light of God, draws in the loss to the safe and dry shore.

Interpret this essay how you will, but I wrote it as a call to arms. But let me clarify, it is not I calling us— it is God calling us. We are going into battle—if we aren’t in the fray already— and we need to fight. More importantly, we will fight. We have an enemy, and he is nonother than Lucifer. We have to repel him, and with the help of Almighty God, we will. For who can stand against us if God is for us?

Not only is this a call to arms, but is a call of hope. we have hope in the midst of the battle, we know what we are fighting for, it is what keeps us going. We are fighting for our nation. We are fighting long and hard, we are fighting, praying, and witnessing until the job is done. We are doing this until our nation may become a fraction of what is used to and still can be; One nation, under God.

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