No More Excuses

No Excuse Monday

No More Excuses

Finally, I pulled into the driveway after a hard day’s work. Getting out of my car I noticed my neighbor walking across the lawn in my direction.”Hey, Jim how are you doing today?” “I’m doing alright”, he replied. Knowing how much stuff I had to get done and that I had to rest for tomorrow I wanted to try and make the conversation shorter and get straight to the point. “So, what brings you over today Jim”, I asked. Oh, um I just wanted to see how you were doing. “Mmm”, I thought, he doesn’t normally come over and ask how I am doing. “I’m doing well “, I answered. Well, Jim, I have to get inside and get some stuff done around the house. It was nice talking to you. “You too”, he replied. “Have a great night”, I said as I turned and walked toward the door. “Good Night”, he said as I entered my house.

As the night went on I couldn’t help but think, as I had done many times before, about asking Jim if he would like to come to church but for some reason I never did. Maybe, I was scared or I didn’t want him to say ‘”no”, whatever the reason I never asked him. Looking over at the clock and seeing that it eleven, I headed for the bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Smash!!! I jumped clear out of the bed. “What in the world could that be”, I thought. So, I ran to the window to try and find out what was happening. My eyes widened as I looked at what was once a beautiful house now engulfed in flames. Oh, NO!!! Jim is in there! I ran to the phone and dialed 911. I speedily gave them the information and hung up the phone. I ran outside as fast as my feet would carry me, stopping at the front of the house. As I stood in front of the house I looked side to side frantically trying to spot Jim through the flames. From inside the house, I heard Jim scream. I yelled,” Jim!! COME THIS WAY!! “I’m coming”, he replied in a weak voice, I could barely hear him.

Lifting my foot up, I kicked down the door and reached inside. “Grab my hand”, I yelled! As I felt his hand surround mine I pulled. Jim began to emerge from the fire disfigured and burnt. I looked at him as he fell to the ground not being able to recognize him.

Looking back I noticed the ambulance and fire truck had just arrived. What’s that I thought, feeling a tug. I turned to see what it was. It was Jim he was tugging on my clothes and looking at me. “Hey”, smiling he said “I want you to know I look up to you the way you live for God and all. I always wanted to come to your church, but I was waiting for you to ask.” Next thing I know I’m being shoved back by the paramedics. “Wait”, I screamed!!  “I’m sorry sir”, said a paramedic “he has to come with us.” I watched as they lifted him into the ambulance and they started to the hospital. I ran to the car and followed them to the Hospital.

Sitting in the lobby, awaiting the news of his condition, I pondered through my mind what he had said. “I want you to know I look up to you the way you live for God and all. I always wanted to come to your church, but I was waiting for you to ask.” It ran through my mind at light speed it seemed to never stop”  “Excuse me, are you Mr. Jim’s neighbor” asked the nurse? “Yes madam”, I answered nervously waiting what she had to say. “I’m sorry sir, he didn’t make it”, she said. I fell to my knees in pain. “Why didn’t I invite him to church”, I thought to myself as tears ran down my face.

Good thing this story is not real but I am positive that one similar has. We can’t make excuses why we can’t witness and why we can’t invite people to church. Our excuses will come back to haunt us in the end.  Just like Jim in this story the flames of hell are surrounding the lost we can’t wait until tomorrow to ask, it may be too late.  We can’t wait for others I ask or invite them it is our responsibility to do so. (Acts 1:8, John 15:16, Isaiah 43:10) Don’t let this happen to you. Invite them while there’s time. I hope this has impacted you in some way. God Bless!

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