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If it was wrong in 1850

By Susan Niswonger / last month

The Bible is very clear in naming the evil and sin that transcends generations and cultures, however, every generation defines evil and sin in their own terms.  Generational and cultural sins usually have to do with new or changing ideas, expression or technology.  We make laws with specific definition and police the vice until the […]


The Big Mistake

By Lynne Conley / last month

The human body has a lot of pressure points. The pressure point location is where an artery passes over a bone near the surface of the skin. The sighting of the pressure points is a very tender area(s).There are twenty-two principal pressure points, the pressure points are used in first-aid to stop bleeding. When the applied pressure […]


Back From The Ends Of The Earth

By Sheri Boulet / a couple of months ago

I could not tell you when the last time was that I took a few days just to do something I enjoy…scratch that…I CAN tell you. We took a 4 day weekend and went to New York with the kids in May and before that it was a year ago when Bobby and I snuck […]


Oh Little Child!

By Debra Jones / a couple of months ago

Oh little child, here I am, Oh little child, Come There is no more pain, no more tears, I am here, come little child come. I will wash those hurts away, and fill your mind with peace, come little child come. Drop the anchor of your anger, and step into the realm of love, my […]


A Quick Trip Through The Bible

By James Thornton / a couple of months ago

A Quick Trip Through The Bible Now this is a quick trip thru the Bible!!! Consider the themes of the sixty-six books: 1. In Genesis, He is the Creator God. 2. In Exodus, He is the Redeemer. 3. In Leviticus, He is your sanctification. 4. In Numbers, He is your guide. 5. In Deuteronomy, He […]


Elijah And The God of Ekron

By James Thornton / a couple of months ago

Elijah And The God Of Ekron #7 This study of the life of Elijah begins after the account of Ahab’s death and burial, and the manner in which the dogs of Samaria fulfilled the prophecy of Elijah. (1 Kings 22:37-38) 2 Kings 1:40. So Ahab slept with his fathers; and Ahaziah his son reigned in […]


Prayer for Addiction

By Debra Jones / a few months ago

Lord I am seeking you, my tears are flowing, my heart is broken  and my burden is deep. Addictions has rose up and claimed the life of one and on the heels of the other. Addiction not only destroys the user it seeks to divide and  destroy the family as a whole, the community and […]


The Hardest Part of Being a Disciple

By Don Doran / a few months ago

The Hardest Part of Being a Disciple   I have often thought of how great it must have been to be a disciple of Jesus. I could see him everyday. I would love to have the opportunity to visit with him. To sit in the same room, or area, and just listen to him talk […]


Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

By Phyllis Corbin / a few months ago

Peter’s Pentecost Sermon Acts 2: 14-35-36 2:14 But Peter stood up with the eleven, raised his voice, and addressed them: “You Jewish men and all you who live in Jerusalem let this be known to you and listen carefully to what I say. 2:15 In spite of what you think, these men are not drunk, […]


Respect Human Life

By James Thornton / a few months ago

A Study Of The Ten Commandments #4 6. Rule #6, Respect Human Life:   Exodus 20:13 “Thou shalt not kill.” The Israelites are told that to take a human life is a crime. God Forbids it. Here the sin is simply and emphatically denounced. The brevity of the precept increases its force. When Cain slew […]

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