A Prayer for my Baby Boy


A Prayer for my Baby Boy

I was sitting in a meeting when suddenly, out of nowhere, I was revisited by your glistening smile, the one that you wore when your teeth were beginning to appear. And I found myself smiling and swallowing back tears that I am quite sure others thought inappropriate to the setting.

But there you were, my big eyed boy, filling the focus of my mind, drawing me back to times long gone.

I have never been able to let that part of you go. Over all the years that have passed, as I watched you transcend from a baby to a big boy to a young man, and now you are standing in the doorway of adulthood. It is so hard to believe.

I have so many dreams wrapped around my heart for you. So many times I have prayed for all the things I wanted for your “someday.”

“Prepare him to be a good husband, Lord, one that puts you first. One that loves his wife with a godly, passionate love. Make him a good provider, an example to his children. Let him be a man that prays, always, that loves your Word.”

I am selfish. I want to keep you and your sister with me always. But I know that is not what will happen. One day, sooner than I know, you will embark on your destiny. And I will be here, remembering…

Remembering my little big eyed baby boy…

Remembering the laughter…

the tears…

the dreams…

And I will be praying, and expecting…

I want you to never forget, strive to go as far as God wants to take you. Become the man He wants you to be.

Remember to love, to touch, to feel.

Hold onto His promises with both hands…

And NEVER, EVER forget that once upon a time a young woman held tomorrow in her arms, dissed the face of her dreams, and fell in love with a promise.

That love will still be as true when her eyes dim and her memories fade.

That love can still be felt, even when her life here is over.

That love will NEVER, EVER end.

I am so, so proud of you, of who you are. I am most blessed.

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