More Than The Hem Of His Garment

hem of his garment

The lady with the issue of blood had been going to see physicians (Doctors) for years and they only got worse and worse, the bleeding wouldn’t stop and worse than that she was broke.  Then came the Christ into the small town and she wanted just enough to at least touch his hem and she knew she’d be healed.  It was the faith that activated the healing however that dried up her issue of blood.

The beauty of the story is that she got healed, but that’s where most people stop.  Jesus told her, “Go thy way, thy faith hast made thee whole” and she went her way, but what people miss first is that after she touched him she then had to face him.  She wasn’t satisfied with her healing otherwise when she was healed she would have departed.  She had to face the one who had the power to make her whole, and not only did she face him she also bowed before him.

The story is an awesome story but many today are satisfied with just the gift that God gives them, whether it be healing, a casting out of devil, etc. and they lose their hunger to serve him because they got what they thought God wanted for them.  Not once does God do something and require nothing but just the opposite he requires us to give ourselves over to him.  I heard a song going, “I touched the hem of his garment and I have felt the leading of your hand, but today I set my eyes higher to see the face of the great I AM”.  The song touches me when I hear it because many people stop at the hem but here’s a song that goes further, because they did not forget it takes more than just being on your knees it also takes looking to his face.

Do not forget the scripture “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and SEEK MY FACE, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” – 2Chron 7:14.  Its more than a good shout and a Sunday prayer, as brother Robert Bayer said, “there’s more to this than leaving footprints on the ceiling and swinging from the chandeliers.”  On a personal note, its not what I want, because I want God’s favor and to gain that is to look higher and seek his face and turn from the wickedness that hinder us.

You know what the thing is about a hem?  A hem won’t hold forever, is that saying anything bad about Christ?  No but a hem wears and rips but to look at ones face to see the emotion and want and need is unmistakable, it doesn’t wear out and it does not rip because Jesus does not change, and his favor is forever.  Yes that lady touched the hem of his garment but that garment is no longer on Christ.  It wore out; it had lots cast for it and it is now dust.  But Jesus rose from the grave unscathed, unchanged, and irreplaceable.  Lets hold fast and hold tight looking at his face without end and without change.  Jesus bless you all.


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