Forget What They Say!!

forget what they say

2 Sam 6:14 And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.

People worry way to much about the world around them, GOD moves how he wants to move.  Lately I have been watching a lot of people on the net criticize how people act when filled with the Holy Ghost to the point that it seems to drag a lot of other people down.  People of GOD, we are suppose to be different so while the world enjoys their drinking parties we are to enjoy God’s power and get drunk off of it.  GOD is mighty and powerful and we have him in us so guess what?  The last time I saw energy and power move, it didn’t make something move also.

This is a short blog but when people give you that biting criticism you just look at them and say, “Don’t you wish you were free like this?”  We are not showing out to the world but we are showing out to GOD that the worldly ways we are willing to drop and be a fool for CHRIST which is the only good fool there is.  Because a fool is just crazy enough to believe something that one says to him.  We are foolish enough to believe CHRIST and his power…so be it.  Let’s keep on dancing and forget what they say and not lose what GOD has in store for you in this hour.

We are to dance before the LORD that is a commandment not a suggestion and I for one am gonna keep going, is anybody else?


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