Stinkin’ Thinkin’

stinkin thinkin

“Think you can, think you can’t. Either way you are probably right” is a statement that has been attributed to Henry Ford. The profound truth of this statement is that our thoughts either liberate or imprison us. This truth is applicable to all areas of our lives: relationships, education, careers, hobbies and spirituality. How I think, will determine my level or intensity of engagement: am I capable or incapable? Worthy or unworthy?

Limiting thoughts or beliefs produce strongholds that dictate our lifestyles. These strongholds are carefully crafted arguments that are used to justify or support our underlying limiting beliefs. Each time something happens that supports one of these arguments; it is adding another brick to the walls of our stronghold, further solidifying the “truth” of the underlying belief.

One arena where strongholds are so prevalent is within “the church.” Much of Christianity is built around a certain set of beliefs that are considered sacred and unchangeable. These strongholds affect the way we do church and includes such things as service structure, type of music, programs of ministry and organizational structure. The unfortunate aspect is that many of these beliefs are the traditions of men and not the truth of the Word of God.

To me it is interesting that Jesus first message was “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt 4:17). The word here “repent” means to “think differently.” Jesus came to a society stifled with a system of religious legalistic conduct: his first words were to change your thinking.

It is my opinion that today, Jesus is still proclaiming the same message: “Repent, change your thinking because the Kingdom of heaven is here!” It is His desire for us to dismantle the strongholds of limitations and step into the dominion He has provided for His people.



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