Life’s Danger Zone

Mind the Gap

I have been on a life-changing, healthy eating plan since January.  Every month I set a mini-goal of weight loss and achieving successful lifestyle changes.  Most months I achieved my lifestyle changes but fell short of my weight loss goals.  Although Steve said my weight loss goals were too high, I felt sure that one day they would be achieved.  Human nature usually leads to the extremes.  Many times we set our goals so low that there is no chance of failure, settling for lesser victories with no chance of attaining our heart’s desire. The other extreme is to set such high goals that we become discouraged and give up on the prize altogether.  I have been at both ends of the spectrum, afraid to fail or so discouraged I conceded defeat.  This time I was determined to endure till the end.  So calling on my business training, every month I assessed my situation, tweaked my strategy, and pressed on to the final goal.

On September 13, 2008, approximately 8 months or 35 weeks, I achieved victory!!!  I have lost 65 pounds, eliminated the need for acid reflux and asthma medication, which in my case were weight and lifestyle-related problems.  I am able to walk 3 – 4 miles at 3.5 mph without feeling out of breath, do 20 minutes on the stair stepper and lift weights for strength training.  Oh yeah, I also turned 51 last week.  Almost every piece of clothing I own fits comfortably and I don’t avert my eyes when I see a mirror.  I am feeling confident and successful and I have also entered the Diet Danger Zone.

As anyone who has ever achieved a goal that requires extreme discipline, the journey toward the goal is actually easier than staying the course of maintenance.  Part of weight loss maintenance is introducing foods back into the eating plan that you had strictly avoided during the losing phase.  The answer is to have a strategy and make sure your plan always fits into that strategy.  My current strategy is to eat a disciplined, healthy diet Monday thru Friday, allow one treat on Saturday and eat whatever I want on Sunday,  The danger is allowing the treat on Friday and stretching Sunday into Monday in order to clear out in leftovers.  One way to avoid this pitfall is to weigh every day and set a 2-pound threshold that you will not cross.  My other point of attack is to buy only enough junk food for the actual treat and throw any unhealthy leftovers in the trash to be picked up on Monday.  It’s working, I’ve maintained for one month.

We love to watch football.  Most autumn weekends will find us watching the University of Michigan on Saturday and the Chicago Bears on Sunday.  After many years, I have observed that the most dangerous period for a team immediately after scoring is the next possession by their opponents.  They have achieved a goal and in their euphoria, they deviate from the game plan.  Many times the opponent will have a great run back on the kickoff or score on a long pass downfield.  The team must be ever vigilant as they enter the Game Danger Zone.

How many times have I watched this scenario play in other areas of my life?  One day I am praising the Lord for victory only to wonder how God is going to lead me out of the next day’s dilemma.  The Children of Israel are a prime example.  God miraculously delivered them from Pharaoh, yet they stood panic-stricken at the Red Sea.  God gave them water from a rock and manna from Heaven but they feared weakness from a lack of protein.  The disciples participated as Jesus fed the 5,000, and then questioned His ability to take them through the storm on the Sea of Galilee.  Our weakest moment may come after our greatest victory.  We have entered Life’s Danger Zone.

Whatever your challenge is today, step into it without fear.  Enlarge your territory and set your goals high.  Outline a strategy with mini-goals along the way.  Every victory does not automatically signal an impending defeat.  If you suffer a setback, reassess your position, tweak your strategy and keep pressing on toward the prize. Celebrate each success and be aware of Life’s Danger Zone. 


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