Lacking and Slacking on Elders

The Bible uses Elders on a constant basis to raise up the next generation whether bad or good.  Even Moses recognized elders out of respect not because he was subject to them in spirit but because an elder is worthy of the respect.

When his Father-in-law Jethro who was not a Jew made statements to help him achieve what he needed in order to properly govern the people Moses bowed not in worship but respect.  Today we have a lot of people who won’t even do that, they roll their eyes or play the dummy with their elders.  We are lacking in this area though and can not afford to let the elders be taken from us without gaining in knowledge and wisdom in the Lord.

In my Church we have many elders and they hold wisdom for us younger in the Church to lay hold of but, because a lot of the youth are head strong and a lot are more stubborn than use to be, we do not use them as we should.  We are lacking elders because the Lord is taking them from us and the coming of the Lord is upon us at the same time.  We have to step up to the plate and lay hold of what the elders have for us that was given them from somebody, that was given from somebody, that was given from somebody.  It pains my heart when I think of how even I myself am lacking in using their wisdom.  We have so much going on now that we don’t even have time to gain with the elders.  I say this with tears in my eyes because I realize God endures forever but they do not.  We can miss opportunities to gain serious wisdom from them and have to learn a harder way.

We are slacking in that area, because we are young and we are dumb whether people wanna hear that or no.  It is time for us to hold the reigns and take what we can and collect the legacy that many are trying to destroy for selfish ambition and recognition.  We have a spirit of Affectation that is in the church, the real church right now and it is taking away from the spirit-filled wisdom of the elders because many want to be seen.  I have had that spirit come to me, so I know and its best to stay submitted and take advice from the elders.  I had one tell me today and I intend to take what I have learned.

Jesus is coming so soon and souls are curious and the new ways are not working, because what seems new is not always new, same ol’ tricks and gimicks.  We do not need gimicks to get people to hear us, we need the voice of the elderly and their ways to take us into the deep well of annointing to learn more about and use what we know to reach souls.

God bless.


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