Magnify the Lord

magnify the lord

Good last day of the work week morning.

I am at that awkward age of man when all of your friends wear magnifiers. I personally have to take may glasses off to read, however, my wife and many others I know put on glasses to magnify the print so they are able to read it. I noticed the other day the print on the page actually does not change in size, it just appears to be larger when you look at it through the magnifier. It takes that which is out of focus and brings it into clarity so it can be read.

“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together.” Ps 34:3

You know, there is no way in which we can make God bigger! Yet, when we begin to praise and worship Him, thanking Him for all of His greatness and goodness. Talking about His loving kindness and grace so that we are reminded and others made to know how great He is. We are magnifying God! He never changes size He just becomes bigger in our eyes and we all begin to see life just a little clearer. Magnify the Lord!

Just a thought! God Bless…

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