So Are The Days Of Our Lives

So Are The Days Of Our Lives

Time is a funny thing…..

When you are a kid it seems like time passes so slowly….creeping away.

I can remember anytime I was anticipating anything, the last day of school, my birthday, the holidays…a date…time did not even seem to move.

Waiting….waiting….waiting………dreaming of being all grown up and able to come and go as I pleased.

I can remember feeling like I could just be living on my own, making my own decisions and doing my own thing. And I was absolutely sure that I could do EVERYTHING better than my parents.

It didn’t take long with me actually being out on my own for me to realize how wonderful things were at home.

I saw that whole thing again when Denise turned 18…I could read it in her eyes, in her actions. What a dummy I was…man, we were just holding her back from growing as a person….

I think she sees things a little different now.

And here it is, Ethan’s turn….and it’s there again….that urge to try out wings that are being clipped by parental ties. Not that I expect him to try to fly away any time soon, but it’s in the air.

When I was a young girl of almost 21 I had a baby girl. I went to stay with my Mama since I knew literally nothing about having no baby. And my Mama that I was so anxious to leave patiently walked me through every aspect of care for the tiny life now in my charge.

She gave me the best advise I ever received from her as we were waiting to leave the hospital, she said “Make memories.”

I have tried to do just that.

But, time is a funny thing….it keeps spiraling away from me….rushing away at a breakneck speed and I can’t keep up with it.

And it seems that with every passing day the days pass faster and faster…..

Just like sands through the hour glass of time so are the days of our lives.

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