Have We Forgotten About Intimacy?

Have We Forgotten Intimacy?

…..I began to travail only two days after receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost. . . I thought something was wrong with me. . . I’d never heard anyone do what I had just done. . . I mean for 30 minutes or so I groaned & wailed loudly in the privacy of my bedroom. . . I went straight to HIS WORD and asked HIM point blank what it is I had just done. . . My bible fell open to Romans 8. . . “With groanings the spirit maketh intercession. . . cuz we dont know what to pray for but HE does. . . ” (I’m paraphrasing of course). . . From then on I have considered that to be one of my major callings. . . to travail & intercede for souls and for the church of the living God and for me and my husband’s ministry. . . …..It wasnt until much later (15 years later) I was speaking to the ladies at a place where my husband & I had went to preach revival and during the worship, before I got up to speak, the Holy Ghost came all over me and began to speak to me as an individual. . . The Lord began to to tell me that I was a vessel that HE had used mightily and how by my travail I had helped to birth many many souls into HIS kingdom. . . and by my intercessory prayer and the ability to do war in the Spirit that I had literally destroyed kingdoms that satan had been able to construct and how I had freed many from bondage and from strongholds……”But” HE said. . .  “You Lack Intimacy With Me!” . . . HE then began to tell me how after HE uses me to do whatever. . . Birthing, Spiritual Warfare, Intercession, etc. . . Whatever it was HE decided to use me to do. . . I would simply get up & think in my own self, “Well Ive done what Im suppose to do.”. . .  & then go off without taking time for intimacy with HIM. HE then began to impress my spirit that this is why so many many times I go into almost a burn out mode. . . Kind of like Elijah in that cave. . . Then HE broke through my thoughts and said “Its because you have lacked that intimacy with me!” and HE said “It is in that intimacy you find strength to go on into the next battle. . .” HE then went further and began to tell me “David never fought one battle until he spent time with me on that hill side” . . . …..Im guilty as charged Bro & Sis Warriors! You know just because HE uses us mightily doesnt mean we have done all that we need to do. . . Its NOT US doing the praying anyway. . . We are just mere vessels that HES using for HIS PURPOSE! In fact if you think about it WE NEED that intimacy probably more than the average saint or minister. . . We’ve got to have strength for that battle. . . Just as the Lord impressed me with David. . . HES so right. . . I was under the misconception that just because HE used me that I went somewhere deep in HIM. . . But the real depths come from intimacy. . . But if we dont learn to tarry in HIS PRESENCE after the battle. . . We will get burned out just like Elijah in that cave. . . & the Lord will have to come stand at the mouth of our caves and ask, “Elijah What Are You Doing?”. . . I heard a minister preach years ago how the prayer warrior & the intercessor was the most important member of the body!  He explained that we are the very heart of the body and that the pastor and the evangelist and music minister, singer, teacher, saint. . . every member of the body can not function without it! My husband and I go to churches to preach and you would not believe the women who have come up to me and told me how they use to pray like me. . . and how they wished they could get that back and be used like that again. . . Hearing this almost haunted me at times and I would pray “My God dont ever let me be one like those who have told me THEY USE TO INTERCEDE FOR SOULS!” and then in January of 2009; sixteen years after I first began to travail and to do warfare the Lord lets me know that it will happen if I dont learn to take time for intimacy with Him!


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