Jesus Understands How We Feel

Jesus Hug
Jesus Understands How We Feel
For those of you have loved ones that past away or may have friends that went through a lot and just don’t understand why it happens. I know how you feel I feel the same way just don’t get mad and don’t give up on your life just because. I wanted to give up so bad because my dad past away with pancreatic cancer I was so hurt at the time when this happens. Day by day I went to the Hospital to go see him lay in bed hurting. And I remember seeing myself sitting beside the bed holding my dad’s hand and seeing people come from our a church to pray and sing for my dad. I did not give up just because but the day before my dad past away on Feb 21, 2007, when I was at church. I was with my youth group and I began to cry and call out to God. Jesus knew how I felt and he had my youth pastor told our youth group to come pray for me. But let me remind you I did not stop there I just came to church and got out and began to shout and to thank God for healing me when I did not understand. I know that does not sound good when I just said that but you do understand what I am saying because you know how I feel. All I am going to say is just let God heal you and your family and He will bless you and your family day by day. Don’t give up on Him right know keep thanking Him for what He has done in your life and pray to let Him guide you and He will. Jesus understands how we feel He felt the same way from what He went through back in the days. So don’t give up know thank God for what He has done Jesus has died for us we did not have to die for Him all I can do is thank God for healing me.


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