Its time to believe

Its Time to Believe

We have heard it time and time again, “Don’t look back”, but we keep on turning our heads to see, and if not our heads our minds, and if not our minds our hearts.  Jesus is soon to return and each and everyone of us is going to have to give an account for what he or she has done with their lives.  God don’t choose favorites when it comes to sometimes sin.  The sins that people sometimes commit they think are not any worse than the ones commited all the time.  What it is, is real simple…we don’t believe “Fat meat’s greasy” we think its okay to peek and its okay to do some little sins.

God’s not playing he never has and never will as a matter of fact all he requires of us is simple to live for him and if you live for him you believe him no matter what the cost may be because you know its him and he is able.  Young people we have the most trouble with this because we know that God has been told to us but a lot of us don’t really believe that God is able.  There are some of us who don’t even believe that God is real, as troubling as that sounds, but its a fact.  Hear me though in 1 Peter 2:9 tells us what we are.  God called us young people to take up the load and help carry his will to those who have not heard it yet.  We are chosen and not forgotten at all.

The people who have grown up in this should above all know the treasure they have and the choice placed literally at their feet.  This is not against anybody but I see more hardcore believer from without then I do from within because a lot from within have let God become a word and not a way of life.  Its time for us to believe on him, in him, and through him because he holds all the answers.  Hear me you born into the Apostolic Faith Jesus is coming and do not for a second think otherwise or else somebody from without will claim the the birthright you reject.

God despises the rejection of the birthright that you born in the church and growing as well as baptized and full of the Holy Ghost take for granted.  You had it put at your door, so hold onto it like its the greatest thing ever because it is and you will see God’s wonders.  People say what time is it, and I will sometimes say, “Its time to make a change”.  I was born without and was let in and when I say without I mean I never knew of the real church.  We are truly blessed take it as it is and believe Jesus for who he is and what he wants from you.

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