It’s a New Thing


Ouch! It’s the New Thing

Behold, I will do a new thing. Wow, what a statement. What excitement it brings, until it comes via the form of adversity.

Many times, in listening to many people, they ask questions, “Why am I going through this?” “What have I done?” Or the statement is made, “I can’t take much more.”The adversity being encountered is seen as punishment. I often explain that “what you are facing can’t always be seen as a disciplinary action, but more as training period.Why? Because God said, “BEHOLD, I WILL DO A NEW THING.”

Our inability to handle adversity makes us less than what we were meant to be. To be the lady God has called us to be, we must become more than what we are now. God has made it, that in order for that to happen, we must, at times, interlock with something that is unlike us. Thus we have the adversity. The intertwining of the adverse situation with what we already are produces a new thing. Maybe it brings boldness to a shy spirit. Maybe it brings a spirit of humility to an overbearing personality. Maybe it brings compassion to a hardened heart. The list could go on.

So if the New Thing you’ve been expecting comes through adversity, open yourself up to it. Submit to it because God’s not disciplining you or hurting you. HE”S just doing a “NEW THANG.”


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