OOPS! I Did It Again!!


OOPS! I Did It Again!!

 Well, today is another day, full of opportunities. And already today I have had the opportunity to do good and shine my light before man….

And I failed. I don’t even know why I failed, but I did.

One of my personal favorite “Aunt Sheri Stories” happened when I was in high school. I had a class upstairs and as I was leaving the class and starting down the stairs I could feel myself begin to fall. I had my arms full of my books and there was nothing or no one nearby to grab hold to. So I announced loudly “Oh, here I go!!” as my books went one way and I went another. I was not hurt and neither was anyone else by the flying books (or the flying Sheri for that matter). But I sure did get picked on for quite sometime. My friends nearby thought it was hilarious that I *announced* that I was about to fall. And it was, it really was.

It was scary at first, knowing I was about to plunge headfirst down those concrete steps. Oh I could laugh when it was over and everything was OK. But while it was happening, at that instant when I could feel myself begin to fall and I couldn’t help it or stop it, well, that wasn’t fun at all.

I have prayed that I could be an example, that I could be a tool, an instrument to be used to reach people. And right when I had the opportunity to be all of those things and more I could feel myself falling and I didn’t know how to stop. Only now it’s not funny and I am disappointed in myself for falling, and for failing Him.

Now, here’s the deal. I could sit here and say that it is no use, that I had no business thinking I could be used, that I could make a difference, and I could let that rotten attitude that assaulted me this morning become who I am. I mean after all, that would be the easy way, wouldn’t it? OR I can rise above it, and not let myself lie there in the mess I created. I can stand back up and say, alright people, I fell, but I will rise up, and I will keep going, and I will be better. And I can say, “hey, I was rotten, and I’m sorry.”

Because that is what the world truly needs to see, that I am made of flesh and that I fall, but I do get back up.

My gracious Father, I am so glad for Your mercy today. You have blessed me in more ways than I could ever thank You for. Today is no exception. For it is by Your mercy that can keep going even when I make mistakes. But mostly today, I thank You for Your grace, because I know that mercy is needed, but Your wonderful mercy is available to all. I thank You today for the grace that let me see myself in my *fallen* sinful situation, and that through Your love for ME, You gave me the grace by which I stand. Let me walk in a way befitting a child of the King. And when I do fall, let me praise You for Your hand that lifts me to my feet again.

Even though You know me, yet You love me….again and again and again…..

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