It Is Well: Her Faith doesn’t Falter

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It Is Well: Her Faith doesn’t Falter

Her son was dead.
Her promise lay lifeless in her arms. She had been living a simple life, performing a small ministry of hospitality for the spiritual leader when he came by her husband’s home. She hadn’t even asked for this blessing, but it had been granted to her; a priceless gift. But now, the precious baby boy, whose little feet she used to tenderly bathe, whose soft pink lips she used to bend close to watch as they slowly moved with sweet baby breath while he slept…he was dead from a brutal head injury. The feet were growing stiff and the lips were already gray and breathless. Most women would have already panicked by now. Screams of despair would have ripped into the air and everyone around would be aware of the tragedy.
Not her. She quietly laid him down and swiftly made plans to go see the spiritual leader. Her alarmed husband asked about her plans and she replied with a calm statement; “It shall be well.”
It shall be well? Are you kidding me? Lady, your one and only, long-desired, divinely promised son is dead! Everything that you thought was true and right and wonderful is lying cold and alone on a bed of death, without hope! Your promise is lifeless, isn’t it? How can you just say that “it shall be well?”
This woman made her way to a minister and as a minister should, he kindly asked about her family; “How are you? Is your husband doing OK? Is the child doing fine?” Here was her chance to blurt out the truth…to fall into tears and agony and to let the anguished cries answer him. But once again the earth-shattering answer; “It is well.”
Unbelievable. Didn’t she know that once your promise seems to be dead, you have a right to feel utter despair and a complete lack of faith? How can she peacefully claim that “all is well”? It wasn’t! Her life seemed to be intended as one of mourning!
Then she appeared before the spiritual leader; the man of God. In his God-given wisdom, he perceived what had happened before she even had a chance to tell him. And through him, the miracle was brought about. He visited the child, prayed to the Lord, and the boy was brought back to life. Happy ending, neatly wrapped up like so many fairy-tales with fireworks and smiles at the end of the story.
Yet the fireworks may not be in the right place, it seems. Yes, it was a miraculous healing and restoration that defied even nature itself; an adored son being brought back to life. But in reading this story once again, the mind is boggled not so much by this miracle, but by her quiet, unwavering faith.
How many times have we felt that our promises were lifeless and rotting, the cold victims of sudden turns of events? Those promises that we felt were given to us by God Himself, wrapped in love and carefully nurtured by us in the depths of our hearts…and then the unexpected occurs and they lie at our feet, violently ripped and exposed, returning to dust. Of course we are justified in throwing ourselves down beside them and crying in despair, right? Surely God would understand that when all hope seems lost, we can give up hope completely? How can we hold on to faith in our promise once the promise has been taken from us?
This woman did just that with a humility and calmness that astounds even the most dubious. She held on to her promise, her sweet baby boy, until he drew his last breath, then she laid him down until the man of God appeared and restored him to life.  May we all engrave the mantra of the Shunammite woman into our spirits; that no matter what the circumstances may appear to be; “It is well”.
Taken from II Kings 4:8-37

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