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SoShawna Gray

SoShawna is married to Elton O. Gray II, and they reside in Hawaii with son Samuel and soon-arriving daughter. A voracious and eclectic reader, SoShawna has been known to read several books concurrently, ranging from Ramona Quimby or Pride and Prejudice to a college textbook detailing criminal law or medieval midwifery. She has a deep desire to be involved in the writing ministry and hopes to continue pursuing her literary goals in addition to fulfilling her calling to be a wife and mother.


It Is Well: Her Faith doesn’t Falter

By SoShawna Gray / a couple of months ago

It Is Well: Her Faith doesn’t Falter Her son was dead. Her promise lay lifeless in her arms. She had been living a simple life, performing a small ministry of hospitality for the spiritual leader when he came by her husband’s home. She hadn’t even asked for this blessing, but it had been granted to […]


I Almost Had An Abortion (Or Several)

By SoShawna Gray / a few months ago

I Almost Had An Abortion (Or Several) I’ve always been staunchly pro-life; in fact, I don’t think it is ever justifiable to take the life of an unborn child. Each little life is ordained by God, known by God, and is a soul that will live forever. I’ve been to abortion protest rallies and counseled […]