Storms of Life!

Storms of Life

The Storms of Life

Don’t you just hate the way the enemy weaves deception, chaos, confusion, and strife to the point you lose focus on your spiritual walk by only thinking about your problems, issues, and trials, till all your attention is on you; yourself.

I, like many Christians, have been going through, what I call spiritual storms, in my case, they feel like Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Tornado’s, Earthquakes……..and these storms leave you battered. Sitting here writing I could tell you my woes, yet you probably have enough of your own ….. a person can complain so much eventually they will tire of their own voice and  thoughts until  it becomes annoying like the needle of a record player stuck in one repetitive spot. I myself have been guilty!

I lost my focus, after I was hit with storm after storm. The storms distracted me and I lost my focus on the Lord, and I became caught up in my problems, I lost my focus, If only I had realized a lot earlier, my storm might have been shorter if I had kept my eyes steadfast upon the Lord!

The storms in life are real! No one is exempt. Surprisingly the battles of the storms are not with our family, our friends, our workplace or even our church. During the storm you must stand, focusing on the Word of God and  pray your way out with the Armor of God,  speaking the word of out loud in boldness, and praying the Word of God, as it is your lifeline.

Tell everyone your testimony as it is a formidable powerful weapon when spoken out loud that does not come back void exclaiming what God has done for you. God deserves all the glory! These battles in the storms are deceptions and trickiness of the enemy, to keep you from doing the will of God! If the accuser has you down, in doubt and despair, it is nearly impossible to feel the direction of the Holy Spirit leading you and guiding you to do his will or to testify to the  lost individual who does not have truth. Therein lies what you need to grasp and get a hold of, the lost sinner, needs someone to bring the gospel, to them so they can have truth, and everlasting salvation. If we saints get so focused on our issues and problems we will be blinded to the lost one standing there waiting on us, to witness and be used as a servant of God.

God has drawn that lost person and is trying to bring them to the Tree of Life to Eternal Salvation. The accuser is watching your strong branch and all that will grow from it for the kingdom of God. The accuser isn’t worried about the lost sinner, he is going after you, the branch, to kill steal and destroy, to cut you off at the trunk. You are in a war. Prepare yourself, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Put on the armor of God daily, stay in the word of God, hide it in your heart, pray the word, speak it out loud, it will not come back void. The word of God is alive, and when spoken, it carries authority, protection, and direction. Speak the name of Jesus; there is power in the name alone.

I am walking on faith, like I have never done in my life. I did fall into despair, I was hit from all sides, and then the Lord, while I was in the bottom of my storm, raised me up and gave me a reminder that at the time I did not grasp fully, until recently. I had prayed a secret prayer for God to restore my joy like I had in the beginning when I was first filled with the Holy Ghost. Then my Pastor, (Pastor Wayne Huntley) announced during a recent sermon, God was going to answer our secret prayers, no one else knew, except God and you. That Sunday as I drove home, after a year of silence, the Lord gave me the following words…“Lay me down in that cool crisp water, Lay me down and baptize me in that Holy Ghost filled water.” Then a sensation started in my belly and rose out of my mouth and it was pure sweet laughter, laughter so sweet and joyful, I knew it had come from God, I had not laughed with joy in so long, during my trial, God blessed me profoundly I was laughing with God!!! God had given me a new song, and a laugh of victory! Psalms 2:4 He who sits in Heaven shall laugh, the Lord shall have them (Enemy) in dirision(Mockery or ridicule)!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

God was reminding me of my baptism and that immense joy that followed, like a 220 watt bulb. I had to tell everyone. Then my storms came. I stood and I fought the fight of faith.

Remember who you are:

You are sealed as a child of God!

Stay focused; keep your eyes on God.

God drew you unto him by his Holy Spirit.

God placed a saint to witness to you.

You were brought or drawn to church.

God brought you to repentance.

You declared Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

You were baptized in Jesus Name.

You received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

All your sins were blotted away.

You are a new creature in Christ Jesus.

You now have the assurance of eternal salvation.

God will never leave you or forsake you.

As children of God we all need continual refreshing, at all times, to stay strong; spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. The altar should be your home base at every service.  The storms will come and when you keep your focus on the Lord, by praying on the armor of God daily, reading and storing the word of God in your heart, speaking, praying and edifying the word of God, speaking the name of Jesus, you will walk through the storm in “Peace.” Jesus will be fighting for you, protecting you, and giving you sanctuary. You will be spiritually alert, awake, focused, so that you are aware of your environment and the lost souls that are in your path. Your branch on the tree of life will remain strong and will grow and thrive, your seeds will be planted and new branches will grow. Most importantly lost souls will enter by the drawing of the Holy Spirit, put in the path of focused witnessing saints, to hear the truth of God for eternal salvation.

There are many lost souls waiting for saints to bring them truth. We cannot waiver, we must be focused, persistent, long-suffering, always refreshing our spirits at the altar. Saints we must be resilient. When the Storms of Life blow our way we will be prepared standing strong with the Armour of God and our Testimony  for God’s Glory! Blessings my friends.

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