I’m ready to see a miracle!

The Greatest Miracle I Know

I’m ready – 110% ready! No doubt about it, questions need not apply….I’m as ready as I can be to see the miraculous start happening!!! I don’t want to just pray “in the moment” as I see an obvious miracle at the altar, and I don’t want to just pray out of obligation when a friend or loved one call after a scary, uncertain doctors appointment. I want to have the faith BEFORE these needs arise. I don’t want my faith to be confined to the box of need…I want it to emanate from me even before the prayer request(s) have been spoken. I want to know that the those “things not seen” are still within reach when we pray.

I don’t want to SAY that I have the faith, I want to LIVE like I have the faith. I don’t want to pray “just because there’s a need”, but I want to pray BEFORE the need has a chance to present itself. And I want to pray specifically…why just ask for a negative biopsy??? PRAY THE MASS AWAY before the biopsy begins!! Why pray that God only brings back your lost loved one, instead of praying that God brings in their spouse, their children, and their extended family too. GET SPECIFIC…GET DOWN TO THE BARE ESSENTIALS!!!

The word of God says that ANYTHING we ask in HIS name shall be done, according to the Father’s good pleasure…so what are we waiting for? Why do have to get to the point of weeping and wailing before we pray in urgency? Why can’t we cover ourselves, our church and our family in that same urgent prayer BEFORE we need it in an hour of desperation? If we stockpile our faith during “the feast”, then there’s more to live on during the famine!!

I just made the statement to a friend the other night that we have to be WILLING to pray harder, longer and more fervently than the devil is willing to work. Satan is roaming about, constantly looking for someone to attack, bring down and destroy….so why aren’t we as diligent about pleading the blood of God over the same people/things that the devil is already scoping out? Why do we insist on kicking back and feeding off the blessings instead of making a storehouse for our faith?!?!?

I’m not sure if any of this makes sense…perhaps this is a personal journey meant for me to open my eyes to the areas I lack…but just maybe, this is meant for someone else…someone who has felt the same urgency in prayer. Someone who has desired to see more of what prayer is about … it can happen, folks, no doubt about it. We aren’t praying in vain, but I think sometimes we pray out of habit and as a routine, without applying true, heartfelt, gutwrenching faith!

Where is your faith? What are you ready to believe in? Are you ready for a miracle?!?!!?


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