About the author

Holly Settles

I am a 30yr old wife, mother of 3, music minister and worship leader. I love God with all of my heart, and have found that there is no better life than this. And I realize more with each passing day, that "I was created to make HIS praise glorious".


I’m ready to see a miracle!

By Holly Settles / a few days ago

I’m ready – 110% ready! No doubt about it, questions need not apply….I’m as ready as I can be to see the miraculous start happening!!! I don’t want to just pray “in the moment” as I see an obvious miracle at the altar, and I don’t want to just pray out of obligation when a […]


Psalms 61:1-4

By Holly Settles / a couple of months ago

On Sunday morning, a sermon was preached using this scripture text. I felt Holy Ghost goosebumps as I read along with the minister, and began to hear his sermon unfold. Our service had started off “with a bang”, and we began our morning worship with songs of jubilee, & with a shout in our step. […]


Quantity versus Quality

By Holly Settles / 7 months ago

Over the past several weeks I’ve been dealing with myself on the amount of time I spend praying. For quite awhile, I had the mindset that it’s not the quantity as much as its the quality…true, but not always right. Because in my “quality of prayer”, I found that I wasn’t giving God nearly as […]


Inside Out

By Holly Settles / 8 months ago

Inside Out Have you ever seen an absolutely beautiful home, with well-manicured landscaping, the paint looking fresh, the windows shining, even the car in the driveway sparkles? And then, you walk up to the door, knock or ring the bell, and you walk into a mess? Shambles would be more like it…filthiness clutters the once […]


My Childs Observation

By Holly Settles / 11 months ago

My Childs Observation My oldest daughter just turned 7 a few weeks ago, and up til now, I worried about her lack of “attention” to church services. I have gingerly approached topics with her to see if perhaps she just wasn’t emotionally at the age of understanding – to some level. So I have nudged […]


Forgive & Forget?

By Holly Settles / last year

Forgive & Forget? Over the past several months, someone very close to me has endured a painful hardship. I’ve listened to the struggles, knowing that the only thing I could do was offer support, encouragement, and prayer – because that is all I have to give, being an “outsider” to the situation. On the other […]


Cause for Conviction

By Holly Settles / last year

Let me preface this blog by saying that I’m honored to sit under a Pastor that still preaches it right. He (Pastor James D. Manning) is the most incredible example to me & my family, and our church as a whole. I have had the pleasure of being raised from the age of 2, while […]


Compromise over Sacrifice

By Holly Settles / last year

Have you ever had to compromise with someone? Perhaps it was a spat as simple as “to-ma-to” vs. “to-mah-to”…sounds silly, right? But its true…many times our compromises are that trivial…we sometimes just compromise our views to keep the peace with a friend, loved one, or even a spouse. What if our Saviour had compromised…what if […]


The Eye of the Beholder

By Holly Settles / a couple of years ago

Many years ago, I went through a personal battle of self-will and finding “my own way” in life.  I was raised in church, but came to a point where I found myself in a state of rebellion and bitterness.  I was an angry 18 year old girl, trying to figure out my place.  I made […]

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