Help While You Can


Help While You Can

We have secure locks and deadbolts on our houses, and our vehicles are manufactured at the factory with alarm systems. This is one way that an intruder can’t come and steal everything we have worked hard to buy without them drawing attention to themselves while they are breaking the law. In today’s society, people have gone ‘’hog wild’’. The definition for hog wild is- lacking in restraint. (Merriam-Webster) There is heartache on every doorstep. Lives of so many are out of control. What do people do when they don’t serve the Lord? When we serve the Lord, he helps us through so many tough things and pain. What we feed our minds and hearts will show up sooner or later. What we do for the Lord will matter. Nothing is worth missing Heaven, now is it?  We have to guard our minds and hearts with the good things of the Lord.  ‘’ You can’t stop the birds from flying overhead but you can stop them from building a nest on your head.- Martin Luther. Our lives here on this good earth are just temporal. One day a book will be opened. What will the Lord say to you? ”Enter thou into the joys of thy Lord, or depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you?” I want my life to count for something, don’t you? Jesus expects us all to live our lives in such a manner that we are revealing Him to the lost and dying world. We need to sacrifice our time and energy in serving others. Reach your hand out to your fellow co-worker, your neighbor down the street, and the cashier at McDonald’s. People everywhere are looking for something. Are we portraying the only hope they need? We decide to do well, but we don’t really do it. We make a decision not to do badly, but, even with these intentions, we do it anyway. Our decisions, such as they are, don’t result in actions. To some extent, something has gone wrong deep within us and gets the best of us every time. It happens so frequently that it’s predictable. The moment we decide to do well, sin is there to trip us up. We can truthfully delight in God’s instructions, but it’s obvious that not all of us can join in that happiness. Part of us truthfully wrestles back, and, just when we least expect it, sin takes charge. We may have tried everything and nothing helps. When we think we are at the end of the rope or that there is no one who can do anything for us, isn’t it with the best intentions? This is the real question. Is our come back with, ”Thank God”! ”You did it again Lord for me? ‘Lord, you fixed it for me once again’? Jesus Christ can and does give things to us daily. He takes charge in these things and sets those things right in our lives of opposition where we want to serve God with all our hearts and minds, but we are pulled by the influence of sin to do something totally different against His will for our lives. I am not ashamed for what the Lord has done in me. He has brought me through so much this year. He spared me through a surgery a year ago this past Sunday that I wasn’t even really aware how sick I had become. All three physicians were so shocked I was still living. I have always trusted in the Lord when all Hell has been on my doorstep, troubles hang around too long, and I always have been faithful to do what I felt the Lord calling me to do for others. Even when others would tell me I was n’t in God’s will, but, when I felt the call, I didn’t take it lightly. He has opened so many doors to encourage others, to be friends with the elderly, help others, and be a friend to all the many people He has placed before me each day. Most of all, I am so blessed to have him in my life. My prayer daily is to be the best example for  Him – that someone that may not know the Lord will see their need to serve  Him.  I have always prayed to be a sensitive person to the needs of others. Stay Encouraged.


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