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A significant change in our culture today, especially the business world is the focus on personal branding. Many aspects of corporate branding have been distilled and applied to the individual for the enhancement of their personal success. According to Wikipedia ( ) “Personal branding is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.” The idea is that success in business and life, will come from the correct self-packaging and presentation.

The desired result of brand management is an increase of the perceived value to customers or individuals, thereby increasing the brand equity. There is an implied promise that the level of quality people have come to expect from a particular brand will continue. Thus, every action performed or comment disseminated results in the increasing or decreasing of brand equity. The brand manager is one who knows this and is proactive; strategizing the appropriate actions and authentically engaging their potential market.

Jesus’ Brand Managers
Every individual professing to be a Christian is a de facto brand manager for Jesus. Our actions, will affect the perceived values others have about Him. This truth was made clear one day at Starbucks when a young person gave me two examples why they were not involved in church or Christian things.

First, they referenced a particular person who claimed to be a minister, yet was always swearing and spoke of his drinking parties. The other example given was a young person who would talk Jesus during the day, yet was seen many times drunk at various parties.  Both of these individuals were unaware of how their actions were negatively affecting Jesus brand equity in the life of this young person.

Now these two examples may seem obvious and we can shake our fingers at such behavior. But what about other actions and attitudes that affect Jesus’ Brand equity: gossip? Apathy? Complacency? White lies? Lack of compassion or involvement in the lives of others? Poor stewardship? All continually affect Jesus’ Brand Equity.

Before the term brand management was in vogue, Jesus instructed these principles saying such things as: “If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples” (Jn 13:35 TEV). What is known as the Sermon On The Mount (Matt ch 5-7) is truly a graduate course on brand management for Kingdom Lifestyle. Later, by their words and actions, it was noted that the disciples had spent time with Jesus.

Each of us should grasp the idea that we are Jesus’ Brand Manager: daily our life will set His standard of value and create the future expectations others may have of Him. When I walk as He did, expressing the transforming love and power of His presence, I am making Jesus real to them. It is an old statement, but still true: “We are the only Jesus others will ever see.”

Food for thought:
How’s your brand management skills?


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