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Sharon Hebert

Praise the Lord! I am a 43 year old first generation apostolic pentecostal preachers wife who was called to intercede & travail for many souls who are lost just as I was. Being delivered along with my husband from many addictions such as alcohol, speed, nicotine & the lifestyle of sin that goes along with all of those things. . . I am a walking testimony of what the power & the grace of God can do. It wasnt until I had reached the age of 27 years old when I began to feel the drawing power of God. You see the mercy of God had let me sink all the way to the very bottom where the only option I had left was to reach up to "HIM!" I am so thankful that Jesus knows how to let us become so miserable that "HE" is our only option. Now I pray & travel with my husband who is a full time evangelist with the United Pentecostal Church International. I have been priviledged to not only witness, but also be a part of many souls receiving the revelation of Jesus Name Baptism & the delivering & liberating power of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Praise His Holy Name!


Have We Forgotten About Intimacy?

By Sharon Hebert / a couple of years ago

…..I began to travail only two days after receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost. . . I thought something was wrong with me. . . I’d never heard anyone do what I had just done. . . I mean for 30 minutes or so I groaned & wailed loudly in the privacy of my […]