Hashtag BTW


Hashtag BTW

The 21st Century has become the Golden Age of Communication, hashtag #norealconnection.  We are more connected than at any other time in history, yet we have less personal contact with friends and relatives than we had a century ago.  By pushing #3 on my cell phone, I am immediately connected with my husband whatever his location.  I can invade my friends and families privacy anytime day or night with a text message just by pushing send on that same cell phone.  Facebook gives me the opportunity to connect with family, old friends, and schoolmates.  I know how they are feeling, view pictures of their family, see who their friends are, what groups they are interested in and I can even know if they are checking their social networking account.  I have connected with friends I have not seen or spoken to in over 30 years, yet I feel as if we are intimate again because of their personal page.  I still haven’t spoken to them and wouldn’t recognize their voice, don’t know their address or give them a hug, but I know their favorite soft drink, movie, book and what they had for dinner last night because they posted a survey on their site.

We are so afraid of becoming disconnected that we won’t leave home without a cell phone.  We even have a device to fit over our ear so we can continue the connection while driving, doing housework, or walking in the mall.  Even away on vacation, we search for the nearest “hot spot”, Y-fi or hotel customer provided a computer to check our email or Facebook page.  Our vehicles are equipped with OnStar Technology and global positioning devices so that we know where we are at all times and can connect to emergency services instantly.  Has all of this brought us closer together?  I am ashamed to say it has not.  I still can’t tell you the name of the neighbor I wave to every morning as I’m dialing my cell phone to stay connected.

Studies have shown that we are actually losing our ability to communicate effectively though we communicate more frequently.  Children no longer understand grammar, spelling or punctuation rules.  It really isn’t necessary because a whole new language has been developed to assist the texting addiction.  BTW 143 UR2GTBT CYL.  If you understand what I just wrote welcome to the language of texting.  I have even started using the ever popular LOL at the end of sentences because the laughter in my eyes softening the sarcasm I just typed cannot be translated any other way.  Does anyone know the symbol for a hug?  (((H))). No more cheek to cheek or arms holding you tight; just type 3 pair of parenthesis with an H in the middle and I’ll know you love me.

God desires a little cheek to cheek or a personal conversation with us; maybe a time of just sitting quietly and soaking up His presence.  Instead, we give God a 143 and a TU as we rush out the door texting our husband CYL.  We wonder why the day doesn’t go as planned and it seems we there’s another battle at every turn.  A colorful bracelet reminds you WWJD but U DNT HV a CLU BCOS UR2BZY.   Put down the cell phone, turn off the computer and GDOYK, then RYB, soon your BFFL will GV U an ASWR.


For all of you uncool people like me here is a key to help you translate.

BTW – By the Way

143 – I love you (I don’t get it either)

UR – You are

2GTBT – Too good to be true

CYL – Catch you later

LOL –Laugh out loud (just to make sure they get the joke)

(((H))) – Hugs

TU – Thank you

WWJD – What would Jesus do?

U DNT HV – You don’t have

CLU –Clue

BCOS – Because

UR2BZY –You are too busy

GDOYK – Get down on your knees (Now you’re getting the hang of it)

RYB – Read your Bible (another one I made up)

BFFL – Best friend for life

GVU – Give you

ASWR – Answer

MGB – May God Bless You

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