Green Things

Green Things

Green Things

There were the flowers. There were the trees.There was the grass, water, and the soil. But the very soil of this earth had no people, nor any beasts. All that inhabited its plains of soil were the green things. And even the wisest of the trees did not know what its calling was.
For a while, the trees and the green things lived on. and as they did, the grass noticed it was being trampled on. the trees saw that they were being cut down, and gnawed to bits. And when this began to happen, the green things knew that their peaceful life was drawing to a close. And that is when the age of man took place.


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About the author

Nathaniel Richards

Nathaniel Richards lives in Springfield, MO. He is currently a student at Study Middle School. He goes to church at Calvary United Pentecostal Church. He also spends most of his free time writing.

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