Finding Your Way Home

Finding your way home

My husband came back in yesterday afternoon after a long week on the road, and we decided to go get a bite to eat.

I had seen an advertisement for a new restaurant in a town not too far from here and that is where we headed.

We had such a nice time, just getting out and riding and being together. The food was good, as was the atmosphere, so we really enjoyed ourselves.

We were riding along, listening to some music, talking when all of the sudden we heard this voice.

I looked at the radio then at my husband, and he did the same.

“SHARP LEFT!!” the voice exclaimed.

For someone who does not know me, let me say that I am directionally challenged, and since part of my job is to find people’s houses, I ended up getting myself a GPS. Because I am silly beyond reason, I got the voice of Mr. T to “talk to me.”

I had bought a nice little case for my GPS and had it all snug sitting on the floor board on the hump between the 2 front seats. That is where it has been for the past week, turned off, not charging, just waiting.

I looked up at my husband and said, “That sounds like Mr. T!”

So, I picked up the case, unzipped it, and sure enough, it was on. Somehow, on the smooth, straight ride home, the GPS had turned itself on, and was fervently trying to direct us.

At first I told my husband, maybe we need to go back and see what’s down that road. But we kept going. It only took about another mile before we began to suspect he was leading us home.

As a human, my soul was directionally challenged. On my own I was wandering around, searching for that destination that my soul longed for, but I could not find it.

That is why I need the Word of God to be my map, and my Pastor to be my navigator. Sometimes when I am not even aware I will loose sight of my goal, and it takes my navigator to get me back on the right path, guiding me through the trials of life, pointing me toward my final stop in my journey.

I am thankful to You today. You could see the pitfalls along the path, the distractions along the way, and You prepared a way for me, and a man to lead me. Help me to hear Your voice, help me to listen and to be ever grateful for Your leading in my life, and for Your love. Where You lead me, I will follow!!

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