I'm Thankful For My Friend
So often we all forget what the Lord has done for us all. The word of God teaches us that we should praise the Lord. We should never take our walk with God lightly. The Lord has given us all a nice place to live, more than enough to eat. The Lord has given us so many things in our lives. We can’t help but praise and thank him for everything that He has given to us everyday. We all need to thank the Lord each day for being alive and that we have another chance to be a witness for him, to help those that are hurting, to give a hug to a person that may be going through all winds of torment, to be a friend to whom asks of us. If you see a child in a burning vehicle; what kind of human being will not call for help? We see people everyday whose self-esteem has gone out the window. If we’d really think hard about it we’d move into action. Our actions speak way louder than our words ever do. We would take the extra time for them right? Call them each day or at least once a week. Encourage them through those hard times. All we have to do is stop and listen. The Word of God teaches us Jesus loved people, he did not turn no one away that came to him. Reach out your hand and let them know you really care for them. That is what this is all about, helping others? Did you know that love heals; love mends a lot of broken relationships, marriages, friendships. When we love someone we will go the extra mile for that person. No one is pulling our arm to tell us to love that person. We shouldn’t be told to love, be a person of compassion, and merciful to someone in need. God helps us all to be more like him. He was our example to show love, mercy and compassion to all mankind. That’s my true desire to help others, and make a difference in someone’s life. If the Lord chose not to bless me again, he has already done so much for me.

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