Faith is the Channel of Blessing

Faith is the Channel of Blessing

To the one who does not work but trusts God who justifies the ungodly, their faith is credited as righteousness (Romans 4:5, NIV).

Faith is the gospel’s chosen vehicle because faith has no virtue in itself. Faith gives all the credit to God. That’s because the moment we forget that we are paupers, on a pension from heaven, we’re in danger.

It is important to understand that faith must never be considered as the cause of our being reckoned right with God but only the channel through which the blessing comes.

Otherwise, we have made faith into a work; whereas, in truth, it is nothing but the empty hand that accepts the gift. God could only have all the glory for his gracious work of redemption if man’s part remained that of the beggar accepting the divine gifts. Faith itself is a gift bestowed on all who hear the gospel, unless they oppose and reject the Good News.

See the glory of the description of God that is found in Romans 4:5. He is called the One “who justifies the ungodly.” What a title! What wonderful encouragement for every sinner! In the Old Testament law, judges were forbidden to justify the ungodly. (See Deuteronomy 25:1.) But God breaks all human customs and traditions by his infinite mercy and declares the penitent sinner to be righteous because he or she has embraced the Saviour and thus becomes covered with his mantle of merit. – Des Ford

Eli’s Reflection: What are you trying to hold in your hand that is stopping you from accepting the gift of God? Are you truly willing to surrender it to God?

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