Accidentally Changed

accidentally changed

Accidental Change

My head was jolted up and down,
I awakened from my slumber.
My heart was beating wildly,
I screamed and then went under.

My eyes quickly fluttered open,
Watching the snow fall to the ground.
In a mass of twisted metal,
The smell of death lingered around.

It wasn’t real I would not believe,
It had to be a nightmare.
But just that fast reality hit,
Its force I could not bare.

I saw the blood of wounded souls,
Our legs all intertwined.
I did not think that help would come,
I had to send a sign.

I frantically laid on the horn,
Thinking that would make help come.
Then one soul I thought was lost,
Awakened scared and numb.

Anxiety was choking me,
I could not hold it back.
So I let out an awful scream,
As pain made its attack.

I didn’t know what else to do,
So I made myself calm down.
Then my sister reached behind her back,
Until my hand she found.

My heart was breaking, my legs were numb,
I tried hard to be brave.
And every time my sister reached,
I told her, “I’m okay.”

I couldn’t stand to see her trapped,
With no way of escape.
I would have given up so much,
If I could have changed her fate.

Finally, our help arrived,
I could not dwell for long.
They rushed two of us away that night,
But two other souls were gone.

And although I lost my sister,
And a dear beloved friend.
Thank God I have a promise,
To see them once again!

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