Dreams Never Die

Dreams Never Die

It seemed he had been running half his life. His gaze fell over the flock on the cool summer evening. Stars dancing in a mystical wonder, splashing across the sky as far as could be seen. He thought back to that day when he ran, fear gripping his heart. His chest nearly exploding from lack of oxygen. One sandal far gone in his haste, now blood ran from the bare foot. Death waited behind him, fear of the unknown loomed before him. He was not sure how it came to be, his sin. He had known from a small child he was not an Egyptian. He was different. His nurse maid had taught him far more than the royal schooling he received his entire life. It was not just that he was not an Egyptian. He was set apart. There were dreams born in him. All his growing up paved the way for those dreams to come to flourishin. As his maturity grew, he became ever more keenly aware of the abuse and despair of his brothers and sisters. His dreams spoke of his role to deliver his people. Surely with the power and authority he possessed, these dream s would come  to pass. He could not bear another cruel injustice toward his people. If he was to deliver them, it would be immediate, at least this was his rational thinking when he came upon another beating. If this dream was to come to pass, he must act as he knew how. In anger he lunged toward the soldier. First surprise took the soldier, then anger. His anger was met with bitterness and proved to be too much for him. With one swift blow of a weapon, the soldier slumped to the ground, blood staining the rocks, eyes open in a vacant gaze. He was dead. Moses was sure his brother would see this dream coming to pass but instead was met with the bitter words condemning this act. “Will you kill me as well?” was the haunting question posed to Moses. So, he ran, far from the only nation he knew, far from the only dreams he knew.

Now, standing in this desert prairie, a lifetime later, surely his dreams were long dead and buried with the Egyptian.

As she approached the well that hot summer’s  afternoon, her sight was blurred by the sweat that trickled from her forehead into her eyes. The heat was nearly unbearable  but she preferred it’s discomfort over the sneers and taunts of the other women in her city. The time they gathered water would be a luxury not permitted to her. The dreams as a young woman long forgotten. They lay dormant in the pages of her mind. Each dream buried a little deeper with every new relationship. Her virtue was not only taken but surely her dreams along with it. She remembered the man at the well she noticed as she approached. He stared directly through her eyes into her soul. She felt he read her every thought and yet, rather than fear, she felt a drawing toward him. With every step forward, there was an awakening of a dream she thought was far lost. When he spoke to her, he spoke life back into her. He resurrected every dream that had laid dormant. She ran, dropping her water cruise, she did not care. She carried something of far more value. She carried her dream and in this moment, it had been awakened.

There are dreams God places in our life, deep in the realm of our spirit. It begins as a seed and grows to bear fruit. Sometimes we are as Moses. We wander in our wilderness, forgetting our dreams, even believing they are dead. We convince ourselves we have been in the wilderness far too long to be able to resurrect those dreams. God does not forget our dreams. He sees every dream that lies dormant. He is ready to awaken those dreams. They are not dead, only dormant waiting to be awakened.

We can also turn from the path God has set before us. When these kinds of turns take place in our life, we believe our dreams are laid down, even removed. Our faith may waver. Be not mistaken. Those dreams can be rebirthed, tapped back into. This woman lost her dreams many years before, only to be  replaced with hopelessness and despair until that day she saw his face. That day that changed her life forever. God can resurrect our dreams but we must tap into them. Do not believe the deceiver that your dreams have died or out of reach. They may have only lied dormant. God will awaken those dreams.

Moses led a nation because of his dreams. The woman at that well brought revival to an entire nation as a result of her dreams.

What dreams do you hold? Are you ready for an awakening of these dreams? Get ready for what God will do through your dreams!

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