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Desiree Hertlen

My name is Desiree Hertlen. I have had a passion to write since I was a child. I always enjoyed creative writing and knew one day I would develop my passion into books such as children's stories and ministry books. The Lord has done many awesome things in my life. I am a miracle. God has had His hand on my life throughout many heartaches, pain and suffering. He has given me the gift of writing to bless and minister to those hurting and in need of healing and restoration.


Dreams Never Die

By Desiree Hertlen / 3 weeks ago

It seemed he had been running half his life. His gaze fell over the flock on the cool summer evening. Stars dancing in a mystical wonder, splashing across the sky as far as could be seen. He thought back to that day when he ran, fear gripping his heart. His chest nearly exploding from lack […]


The storm is coming.

By Desiree Hertlen / a couple of years ago

Baton down the hatches!   I returned home from a powerful singles conference two weeks earlier to find a bit of Job waiting for me. In three days time, both my kids moved out and I lost my job. All source of income gone and the deafening sound of silence in my now empty house […]