Choosing Your Words Wisely

Choosing Your Words Wisely

I went to a shower recently were a bridesmaid carefully recorded every word the bride uttered as she opened her gifts. After the bride finished, the bridesmaid read her comments aloud for all to hear. The guests sat and giggled in appreciation as they listened to her numerous statements of surprise and gratitude. She must have said “Oh, I love it” a hundred times!

I couldn’t help but wonder what might be recorded if someone did the same to me. I concluded my words might not be too offensive on a day things were going my way. It is easier to smile and speak kindness on easy days. But would I be embarrassed by my words on a day full of tests and tribulation?

I often forget the power my words possess. I have the ability to speak words that inspire and increase faith in those around me. I have the ability to speak blessings and life while encouraging a brother or sister to stay the course. I have the ability to build up my family, my friends, and all those around me. But with this power also comes the ability to tear down, discourage, and even hurt those who fall within earshot.

In fact, the power of my words extends beyond direct comments to a person. Even when talking about the challenges in life or a specific situation, my words produce an effect. While I might not speak direct slander, the words from my mouth can be destructive. I must continue to think about these questions regarding my choice of words.

Do I search out the positive in each and every situation and comment accordingly?
Do I see and speak with a godly perspective?
Do my words reveal opinions and thoughts viewed through a worldly lens?
How conscious am I about speaking blessings rather than complaints and strife?
Everyone’s Apostolic has a fan page on facebook. (If you are on facebook too, look them up and connect.) On February 8 there was a verse and challenges posted by fans. Here’s what they posted:

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that is may benefit those who listen.  Ephesians 4:29

Apostolic Challenge: Let’s commit together to only speaking words of grace today. No complaints, no gossip, nothing unkind or backbiting. Let’s be vessels that minister mercy and compassion to all around us – even when it’s a challenge.

I took the challenge and I’ll readily admit it wasn’t easy. But with His help, I am determined to allow His Spirit to renew my mind and heart. I am asking God to make my words pleasing in His sight. If I choose to honor this power I have been granted, I will submit my thoughts and my tongue to His control. God’s desire is for our actions and our statements to glorify Him. Friend, ask Him to give you a clean heart, renew in you a right spirit, and help you choose your words wisely!

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