Cause for Conviction


Let me preface this blog by saying that I’m honored to sit under a Pastor that still preaches it right. He (Pastor James D. Manning) is the most incredible example to me & my family, and our church as a whole. I have had the pleasure of being raised from the age of 2, while under his “shepherding”, and in all of my years, not ONCE has this man ever compromised, backed down, been swayed, manipulated by peer pressure, or given in to modern ideals of this day & age. He is a true man of God, that lives what he preaches & teaches. He and his wife have made a huge impact on me, as I have watched them stand strong in the face of opposition. Its by their leadership that I have been able to weather some of my own storms…and I thank God for them both.

With that being said, Sunday night, Pastor preached a message about the alternatives that we sometimes find ourselves staring at. Since his message, I’ve thought a lot about how I have oft times taken the easy road, instead of standing my ground and holding to Gods unchanging hand. Its so simple to veer off course, when faced with adversity, isn’t it? So many days present us with “multiple choices”. Do we cave in to the temptation that the enemy dangles in our view? Or do we say “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”? That sounds like a cliche’ statement, but when you truly break it down and think about the impact of those words, it means so much more.

It means that we are accepting the path of Christ, even when the fork in the road gives us the choice of opting out, or finding an easier way! It means that we will be the example to our family, our children, our friends, our co-workers, and even those sitting in the pew next to us. It means that we must find cause for conviction. We must seek after Gods will and purpose for our lives. We must charge head-on into the battle that is called life…it is a battle, my friend, no doubt about it. And how many times have we found ourselves waving the white flag of surrender, because it seems “safer”? Aren’t we protected in the arms of God, aren’t we covered by His blood? Are we not the temple of the Holy Ghost? Then of whom shall we fear, in what shall we be afraid? Its during those times that we should stand a little taller, walk with confidence, look the devil in the face and say “I shall not be moved”! No weapon formed against us shall prosper, so why then, do we allow ourselves the “luxury” of multiple choice? There is but ONE WAY!

With that being said, we MUST find conviction for our lives. We can’t expect ourselves to make the right choices, if we aren’t keeping our hearts on the alter. We MUST check our spirits, minds & hearts…scrutinizing each detail, to determine whether its bringing God glory, or allowing the devil access to what should belong to God. We do ourselves such a dis-service when we don’t seek after Gods will in ALL matters. We cannot serve two masters…so we must make a choice, finding true conviction, no matter how simple the circumstances are…and keeping in mind that its the little foxes that spoil the vine. So regardless of appearances…its essential that we realize when to pray for conviction, direction and wisdom.

What greater cause for conviction is there but eternity?

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