Master Potter

master potter

I remember when I was in sixth grade one of my friends brought some clay to school. He shared it with four or five of us and we took it, made forts, airplanes, tanks, ships and men, and put them on our desk. This went well until someone made little bombs and shot them at the clock, sticking them there. Everyone with clay on their desk got in trouble for that.

What brought this to my mind was my ability to work with the clay. If I did not like the way the man turned out I simply smashed the clay, rolled it into a ball and started over again, forming a new man. If it was just part of the object, I was unhappy with I could work on that part and change it to my liking.

The potter does the same with the clay on the wheel. If his vessel is not as he wants it, he smashes the clay, works it into a lump and starts again. If he notices the shape is not quiet right, he applies a little pressure in that area to form it the way he desires. If he notices air bubbles or imperfections, he works that area trying to remove those things that will weaken the vessel in the fire.

God desires, as the master potter, to have the same ability in our lives. He wants to shape us and to reshape us when the need arises. He wants to be able to work those imperfections out of our lives so we do not become weak in the fire. Sometimes we have to be broken again. He has to work with us before He can put us back on the wheel to shape us into the vessel he desires us to become.

Reshape me as you see fit, Lord! You are the Potter and I am the clay…

It’s just a thought!

God Bless…

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