It’s All In How We View The Storm

It's All In How We View The Storm

We might all see the same thing but when we tell what we have seen there will be very few times that two stories are the same. We each view an incident from a different perspective. So is it with the storms of life! We each have a different perspective on each storm. It is all in how we view them.

I came across a story I read somewhere and thought I would share it. It is the story of a first-grade girl who had been begging her mother to let her walk to school. Since the very first day she had pleaded with her mother to let her walk to school and home. Her mother was afraid she wasn’t old enough but finally, she relented.

The little Lady was up early the next morning and was quick to get ready. The mother was having second thoughts about allowing her daughter to experience this new step of independence. Along with these doubts came the weather report that there was a good chance of rain that day. However, our little Lady begged and pleaded and Mother finally relented, on the condition that the little Lady take the umbrella and use it in case of rain.

Just at the time that the little Lady was heading home, the rain came and along with the rain came thunder and lightning. The rain was one thing, but the Mother had to go and pick up the little Lady because she was not only worried about the danger from the lightning but was worried the noise of the thunder would frighten her daughter.

When she found our little Lady, walking down the street, she noticed that each time there was a flash of lightning the little Lady would move the umbrella aside and look up in the sky. Her mother asked her, as she got into the car, “Why were you moving the umbrella aside?” The little Lady looked at her mother with a big smile and said, “Mother, God is taking my picture! Every time there is a flash I move the umbrella aside and look up and smile at Him.”

How do we view the storms of life? Do we cower in fear? Do we scream in frustration? Do we recognize God is watching us and has the best planned for us? Paul said in Romans 8:35-39 there would be a lot of “junk” come our way but none of it can separate us from the love of God. It is all about how we view the storm.


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