Can I Find God In Your Blackberry?

Can I Find God In Your Blackberry?

Dear Church Member:

My life is a mess!   I’ve made all the wrong choices, followed the wrong path and I’m not sure where to turn next.  A co-worker told me maybe I should try God.  I noticed the sign in front of your beautiful church and decided to attend last Sunday.  I was really hoping I would find some answers. 

The greeters at the door were so warm and friendly.  They gave me a welcome packet full of information about your beliefs, programs, and church community and then helped me find a seat.   I sat directly behind you.  It was so kind of you to make sure I had a bible and your lovely smile and handshake gave me hope; maybe this was the place I had been searching for.  The service began with everyone praying out loud.  I had never heard such a prayer; maybe God would really hear me if I talked to him with all of these believers.  The songs and worship made me cry; I felt so close to Heaven.  The hardness inside of me began to break; could I finally let go of all the hurt and disappointment that had filled me for so long?  Even the announcements and the offering seemed to glorify God. I was thankful that the leader asked everyone to turn off their cell phones because I was so hungry for God and I wanted to hear every word.   The congregation stood to honor the reading of the Bible; I think the Pastor picked the scriptures just for me.

I was on the edge of my seat, hanging on to every word when I noticed you grabbed your blackberry.  I hadn’t heard it ring but it suddenly seemed so important to you.  I looked at you full of concern and said a silent prayer that the emergency call was not bad news.  You looked at the screen and smiled as your fingers flew over the keys.  Wow, no emergency, maybe there is something to this prayer thing!  Then you scrolled down the screen looking at the latest headlines, checked your Facebook page and posted an update.  Turning my attention to the speaker, I finally got back on track with what he was saying when another “emergency” occurred.  You winked at your friend across the aisle, hardly able to contain your laughter as you replied to her witty comments.  Sadly, I walked down the aisle and out the door.  Maybe I’ll just buy a music CD and a Blackberry!

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